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Private school, public school, kids will be kids

Choate Rosemary Hall has another scandal on its hands.


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How do you clean wool hunting pants?

Between last year’s deer slaughter and this year’s traipsing through the Mane woods, my wool camo pants are a little icky. The dry cleaners refused the job because son John, who wore them this year, found every briar and pricker bush in the obscure section of Maine we hunted (not his fault – I sent him there). I’d figured that either a stiff brush or steel wool would solve the problem but no go. Any suggestions? Otherwise, I suppose a little dried blood won’t hurt anything.


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No no no

Just as I was admiring a photograph of our first African-American President and his two lovely daughters “pardoning” a turkey and reflecting on how far our country has come since I was a kid, comes this story of a crazy old (78) coot who wants to shoot him. I’m sure the old man is no threat, especially since they took his guns away, but we’re just a day or so away from the biggest event of my 11-year-old life, the assassination of JFK, and I worry. I had really hoped that we’d gone past all that madness, but perhaps not. My wish? President Obama has a safe tenure and retires peacefully in two years. Alternatively, may he turn the economy around and be hugely successful in 2012. Either way, keep him safe from the crazies.


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Hobo’s lullaby

I’m having the most marvelous Thanksgiving because my niece Naomi is visiting from California with her incredible nine-year-old son Asher. Asher’s father was a Marine sniper in the first Iraq war and, later, a rocket scientist at JPL, who drowned on his honeymoon due to a scandalous SCUBA program run by the resort hotel. I consulted some of the best trial lawyers in our country, but no one was able to overcome the Mexican no-liability laws. So it goes.

But Asher has grown up, thanks to his mom, to be a great kid, reading 300 page books (no pictures!) , polite, funny, and a straight A student. The only connection I have with him is the reading and sense of humor (fortunately, I remain stuck at about the 9 – year level in the latter category, so we’re having a grand time). What a treasure.

Anyway, I just heard Arlo Guthrie singing “Hobo’s Lullaby” on WFUV, and I remembered that Asher’s grandfather, my brother-in-law, taught me that song down in Arkansas in 1971. It’s the only song I know on the guitar – three chords, maybe, but it’s a great one. Best line?

I know the po-lice cause you trouble,

They cause trouble everywhere,

When you die, and go to Heaven,

You won’t find no policemen there.

Alright, that’s harsh, but it fit the mood for my hitch-hiking, freight-hopping days.


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We focus on bombs, Israelis look for terrorists

And that’s the difference. Here’s how Israel screens plane passengers.


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My favorite artist gets a boost

Brian Skinner is noted, as he should be.

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Sales, contracts, etc.

63 Indian Field Rd sold for $1.750. Asked $2.495 back in 2008, assessed at $1.194.

6 Cherry Lane, Old Greenwich, sold for $1 million, on an asking price of $1.1 million and an assessment of $1.120. Pretty much a tear-down, but 0.32 acre on a nice street. This was a good buy, I think.

73 Dearfield, started at $2.295 back in 2005, gradually dropped to $1.295 and now is under contract. Assessment is $1.2611. Five years to get religion.

64 Club Road asked $4.950 and has a contract after some months. Assessment is just $2.5 million and I’ll be curious to see what the Club Road premium is on this one.

26 Shore Acre, asking $1.995 with an assessment of $1.506, is “pending”. I’m not surprised. Good house, great street. I’m guessing close to full ask.

54 Doubling sold at $1.5 million in 2003, asked $2.295 in 2008, assessed at $1.0050 and sold for $1.695 this week.

52 Fairfield (behind Greenwich High). Sold for $2.4 million in 2006, greatly improved and sold again for $1.825. Assessment, $1.903.

51 Carriglea, waterfront building lot (with tear down) in Riverside, asked $5.950 in February, 2008, sold for $4.3. $4.521 assessment.


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Napolincompetentino: cut back airport screenings? Hell no, we’re expanding it to trains and shopping malls

The lady must go. Horrible as a subway bombing or a Bombay-like hotel massacre will be, it’s better to endure those assaults than a governmental assault on all of us. Napolitino doesn’t understand this and thus, she should be re-deposited in Arizona.


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I don’t know whose side to take on this

Pennsylvania bow hunter takes record 875 lb. bear, but it turns out to be “Bozo”, a local mascot fed to such huge size by an ill-advised human. You do bears no favor by feeding them and eliminating their caution. On the other hand, I suppose the hunter owes a debt of gratitude to the feeder for fattening up Bozo over 17 years.


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Traveling by air today? Don’t forget to strip


Bring down the TSA




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I guess I’m relieved that this isn’t just a Greenwich phenomenon

From InstaPundit:

KATIE ROIPHE ON MODERN PARENTING: If we try to engineer perfect children, will they grow up to be unbearable? Seems likely. Certainly the parents already are. . . . “Last year, a friend of mine sent a shipment of green rubber flooring, at great impractical expense, to a villa in the south of France because she was worried that over the summer holiday her toddler would fall on the stone floor. Generations of French children may have made their way safely to adulthood, walking and falling and playing and dreaming on these very same stone floors, but that did not deter her in her determination to be safe.”


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