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Oh, for Crimminey’s sake

Mommies squawking about new North Mianus pick-up zone. $700,000 wasted on this project, when there’s not a friggin’ kid in the school zone who couldn’t walk to the place. Worried about traffic? Stay home, and let your precious child walk over to school. No cars, no traffic, no worries.


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Yeah, that worked out last time

Commies go back to using their own phony currencies for bi-lateral trade. Screw ’em – the laws of economics still apply.

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Here’s a nice Thanksgiving story

Three teens, 14 and 15, long since given up for dead after drifting out to sea, found alive and well after fifty days. Undernourished and thirsty, but I’m sure their parents will fix that up.


Dot.com millionaire feeds 8,000 families today. I’ve never heard of the man or his company – my loss, not his – but he started giving after 9/11 and has been expanding his efforts ever since. I try always to stay grateful for the blessings in my own life, but I’ve always thought it might be difficult to do that when swamped with success (no danger of that here). But not for this guy, and I’m hugely impressed.

UPDATE: the man also employs 400 people, which is even better.

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Alice’s Restaurant at noon

WFUV (90.7, or WFUV.org) plays Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant” every Thanksgiving, beginning around noon. If you’re of a certain age, it’s a don’t-miss tradition. Younger listeners are no doubt indifferent, but to me, it’s as important as listening to Dylan Thomas’s “A Child’s Christmas in Wales”.  You’ve got to have tradition.


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I’m awed

I like to think I have a genius for creative destruction, but this prankster has me, ten-fold.

From DealBreaker.com

Spartanburg County, S.C., sheriff’s deputies told WXII sister station WYFF that they were called to a Motel 6 on Sunday night after a guest nearly punched through to the next room with a wrench. When deputies arrived, 73-year-old Joseph Jones told them someone had called his room about 11 p.m. and said he was a manager at the motel. Jones said the male caller told him the previous guest had installed highly sophisticated cameras in his room. The caller told Jones not to bother looking for them and instead, the caller would instruct him on how to get rid of the cameras…Next, he was told to remove the back toilet cover and to smash the TV with it. He did and the cover shattered without breaking the TV screen, so he was instructed to throw the TV outside. Jones did as he was instructed. At some point, according to the report, Jones gave the caller his cell number so he did not have to keep running back to the room phone…Jones said the caller then said that a “midget” who was 4 feet 3 inches tall was barricaded in the room next to him and that he needed to help police get to him. With that, the report said, Jones took his wrench and began to break away the wallboard behind the room door. He broke through to the next room, but then stopped due to complaints from other guests about the loud noises. [WXIIpreviously]


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On Thanksgiving, the question arises: are we ready for a chubby-wubby president?

That’s the question asked here. Opponents tried using then-candidate Christie’s weight against him in his campaign for Governor but New Jersey voters obviously reacted as I did – they listened to what he was saying and were impressed. Besides, Teddy Roosevelt was a large man too. So chow down on that second turkey leg today, grab an extra helping of sweet potato with marshmallow, and run for president. If you make sense, the voters won’t care what you look like, and isn’t that a nice change?


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So what do we pay these people for?

Man calls cops to complain about two hookers ripping him off and they arrest him! There’s just no justice in this world.

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