It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I got mine, Jack, so screw you!

Walter Noel’s “Greenwich Sentry” Madoff feeder fund goes bust. Actually, I thought the old fart filed for bankruptcy two years ago, but I guess not. Nice to see that, having enriched himself at the Madoff trough for twenty years, Walter is insisting that his defrauded friends pry back the lucre from his cold, stiff fingers. It’s a strategy that will probably work, because Noel’s an old man, and his lawyers can surely keep his avenging victims off his back until he shuffles off this mortal coil. Nice if he’d do the right thing, but that ain’t gonna happen. I love this bit:

The investment partnerships used a form of “non-traditional options trading” implemented by Madoff, [Sentry lawyer] McKeefry said.

I dunno, it seems to me that a Ponzi scheme is a very traditional form of trading, one that quickly separates suckers from their money. Walt must see things different.


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10 responses to “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  1. So Greenwich

    Just a way to shield what money they “have” or really had from the Trustee and others. I seriously hope someone is looking into a fraudulent conveyance action against these guys as the money has surely been transferred from one entity to another but, you already knew that, hopefully someone else does too.

  2. Walt

    Boy of Weasel –
    Please allow me to retort, if I may.
    I will address your last mindless musing first. Yes, I see things differently. Very.
    First off, I have no victims. Bernie has victims, and I am one of them. I had clients, and I gave them what they wanted. Access to Bernie. Nothing more, nothing less. I gave them what they wanted. And I have told you this before, you dolt. How do you not see this?
    You want to talk about lucre? Now that is rich. You giving your commission back to everyone you sold a house to for the last ten years? Well are ya, Punk? (DIRTY HARRY!!!)
    We are two peas in a pod, my friend. I am just willing to admit it.
    And what is up with the ” Old Fart” comment? I may be a little senile, but I can still roll in the ha… I can still run the rac… I can still knock it out of the park when it comes to the Hotties. Ask Steph!!
    Now let me show you where to put the spud cannon.

    Your Pal,

  3. LLS 2


    I saw Marisa at the movie theatre tonight.

    she was looking prettty good :larry david voice:. much better compared to back in the day at GCDS.

  4. What happens to those kids (5 fillies that is?)

    Comment on impact to family best you can CF, curious george wants to know.

  5. JB

    Have you been on Meadowcroft Lane lately? It looks like a total war zone. They’re putting up this mega mansion on the right side of the lane (which is actually really cool looking) and they just knocked down 2 more houses. Meadowcroft = the *new* North Street…only better because it’s more private

  6. Mariani

    does he still parks his trucks in front of everybody elses house so as not to offend the party he is building for or their neighbors. key his trucks if you see those red trucks where they not belong. teach the bastards.

  7. Heather

    Two years now. Walt and the fillies still have the money and are still spending it. No doubt time has dulled the pain…if they ever felt any. Another year and the money/coctails will erase the bad memories of Bernie. Well….it is almost Christmas…time to head back down to the island to disturb the neighbors. The lawyers will keep it tied up in court for years. You are correct….Walt will not pay….at least in this lifetime. Any sign of the fillies?

  8. trina

    with recent settlement with the widow of picower what has happened to the noel family and drama have they settled with the trustee?

  9. Ale

    If then Noels were honest people they would at least return some money, but off course not, they cannot abandon that lavish lifestyle they are used to. Andres & Corina probably are sailing right now, laughing at everybody.