Clamming was a bust

Tide was right (low) but the wind’s howling from the west at 20+ knots and Asher was immediately chilled. My basic rule for child entertainment is that it must be fun, not an endurance contest, so we retreated, to try again tomorrow.

I’ve lined up my pal, builder and genius electrician Ferdinand Steyr to help install the igniter into our potato cannon later this morning, so  we’ll be keeping Asher entertained through the weekend, clams or not.


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3 responses to “Clamming was a bust

  1. vitabrevis

    Wow! Please share the details of your potato canon ignition system. When my boys were growing up (their father never did) we used the push-button grill igniters from the Depot epoxied into the cap of the 4″ tee (chamber). If yours requires the assistance of an electrical wizard – it’s gotta be pretty cool! What do you use for “fuel” ?….we experimented and found acetone from a spray bottle worked great and didn’t leave any sticky or oily residue like hairspray or WD40. Best of all, the projectile went a mile and no one was maimed by exploding plastic.
    Hmmmmm….I gotta go dig those canons out of the garage!

  2. vitabrevis

    BTW – I think it’s fantastic you’re passing on these important life skills to Asher!

  3. You had it exactly right, Vita, but acetone sounds like a big improvement. Ferdinand chopped off the metal box that comes with that igniter, and tie-wrapped the two elements very, very close together, so the spark could bridge the gap. Works very well. And yeah, I’m serving a useful purpose for Asher, because no mother can ever supply the stupid -boyishness of the male gender.