Asher with male cat - name to be decided



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  1. Pierre Bergé, Nom de Plume

    Pierre has a nice ring, oui?

  2. Demmerkrat Patriot

    Cute kitten …. but I want potato cannon videos.

  3. I think my next male cat is going to be named Mingus, after the jazz musician.

  4. Walt

    Dingleberry Boy –
    Name it Pussy. So you can finally get some. If you don’t like that, call him Ralph. Why? Because it fit’s. Trust me on this.
    Your Pal,

  5. Lisa

    Cats need dignified proper names befitting their elegance. Enjoy the new family member. Keep them inside for their health and safety. Lots of love and laptime.

  6. Peg

    A new kitty! And he’s adorable – no matter what his name is!

  7. Lls2

    Let them out b/c they will be happier and riverside is safe for kitties.

    Bonus, you won’t have to clean up their pee and poo. Double bonus, less chances they will be fat and lazy.

  8. IDAHO

    Nice Cat, Your wine and cane?

  9. ldm

    My new black and white male kitten is ‘Kitty Tom’. Unimaginative I know, but he seems to like it.

    My black and white cat when I was 5 years old was ‘July Bridges Hamilton Dryer’ – he was found in the month of July on a bridge on the same day as my mom got a new Hamilton Dryer.

  10. It was his idea

    How about FSBO? Spelled Fisbo …for non-real estate folk? Fizz for short?

  11. aliprowl

    Adorable – I dearly love tuxedos, and that is a handsome one!!! Definitely proper names are in order for small panthers, elegantly dressed. Thinking of singing duos…George & Loretta? (Jones & Lynn).
    My cats are indoor/outdoor, and are killing machines. No way could I keep them inside and deny their true, bloodthirsty little natures. Every daybreak brings a fresh array of hapless victims, brought in through the cat door and thoughtfully laid out in the dining room.

  12. happy in riverside

    Just wanted to add that the boy is adorable too – wish him well and glad he had a fun Thanksgiving in Riverside.

    • Asher is a complete, absolute keeper.
      He’s been off today with his Mom to see the Empire State Building (do they still call it the Stumbly Ump Building?) and FAO Shwartz. If I can get him back later this winter, it’s got to be the Museum of Natural History and the Oyster Bar.

  13. Old Coot

    Our older black & white cat is named “Oreo”.

  14. Jane

    I think you are duty bound to go with Walt and Monica. Although I hope that you grow to love and respect these two creatures. So perhaps I am rethinking…

  15. ches

    Reading the above name suggestions:

    Why do cats (generally) acquire cooler names than dogs?

    • Ches, I think it’s because cats just don’t care what they’re called – they come when they want to, and flip a finger when they don’t, so their “owners” can attach any cool name they want – it makes no difference to the feline. Dogs, on the other hand, generally (I’ve owned an exception) will come when called, so you need a short, easy-to-call name so that they’ll respond. That’s my theory, anyway, and feel as free to ignore it as our two new cats will their names.

  16. aliprowl

    Ches –
    Isn’t it obvious?? Cats simply ARE so much cooler than dogs.
    Cats rule and dogs drool, of course.
    Dogs have owners, cats have staff.
    Ronnie & Nancy? Barack & Michelle? (the kittens are black AND white, after all!)
    Still liking Loretta & George best.

    • Well Ali, I’m a cat and dog lover. I’ve never convinced a cat to charge into Long Island Sound in December to retrieve a goose, but my dogs have been pretty worthless going after mice. So there’s room in my heart and my home for both of them.

  17. Lisa

    Isn’t it funny how there can be 20 comments on the posting about cats and so few on other, possibly more political, items!

  18. anony-moose

    Arthur and Lizzie! They’re going to be the new house royalty, after all.

  19. hmm – William and Caty? Aren’t they scheduled to be the next royalty? My mom, an Anglolphile might like that. I’m tending toward Milkshake and Crowbar, myself.

  20. aliprowl

    Wills and Kate, actually.
    Not terribly cat-like, but your lack of taste is explained by your affection for canines. Such is the cross that felines bear.

  21. Anonymous

    Cute kitten and an even cuter kid!
    I’m still partial to Walt and Monica although Sylvester is a pretty close second. You could name them Sylvester and Tweety. 🙂

  22. peeps

    I like the Oreo suggestion. I’ve heard the name before for a black and white cat, and thought it was cute.
    If you name one milkshake, then how about cabinet for the other?
    What are their sexes?

    I also got a new cat this past week. It’s an older Himalayan. I am thinking of naming her Creampuff (Puff for short) or Willow (Willie for short) She has a crabby-looking pushed-in face, so I really wanted to name her Crabby Appleton, after the cartoon character on Captain Kangeroo, but everyone I ran that by said it’s a mean thing to do since she’s a nice kitty and only looks crabby.
    Good luck with your kitty. If you haven’t come up with names yet, then post their sexes so we can throw more suggestions your way.
    Your son is adorable.