Entrapment defense? Going nowhere.

The usual suspects are squawking about the latest Muslim bomber having been entrapped, but if anything, the FBI has gotten even more sophisticated than in the 70’s, when law cases I studied upheld this sort of investigative behavior. In the present case of the mad mullah, agents warned him of the possible deaths of many children and urged him to consider prayer instead of violence. He opted instead for loading up a van with six 55-gallon drums filled with what he thought were explosives and headed off to Portland’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Fry him.

Did you notice, just BTW, that the Muslims in Portland universally refused to cooperate with the FBI when questioned about this maniac? What a group. I’m trying to be tolerant, but why are they here, and why do we let them stay?

Mr. Khan and Mr. Day said several people who worship at the mosque said that F.B.I. agents had knocked on their doors late at night on the day of Mr. Mohamud’s arrest, but that none had agreed to speak to the agents.


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  1. Thanks to the lunacy of their uber-liberal mayor Sam Adams, Portland is the only city in America that refuses to participate in the Joint Terrorism Task Force. Not a claim to fame I’d like on my town website.

  2. Hey

    If a city opts out of the JTTF, why not have the FBI opt out of them?

    But then the Feds don’t actually apply the Solomon amendment, unfortunately, so they wouldn’t make these leftists pay for their idiocy.

  3. JRH

    Well, here we go again. “The Muslims of Portland,” eh? You’re talking about “several people who worship at the mosque” when you talk about the handful of people the article describes as not having agreed to speak with FBI agents. Could it possibly be because they wanted to arrange to have a lawyer present to protect themselves when speaking to a federal agent? A libertarian of all people should understand the impulse to take precautions and safeguards when approached by an agent of the state security apparatus. These “several people who worship at the mosque” are not “the Muslims of Portland” any more than several congregants of a local synagogue are the Jews of Plainsville.

    I find it so interesting what you choose to highlight. This is from the very same article: “Several people who said they knew Mr. Mohamud’s family said they believed that his parents had reported him to law enforcement authorities, citing concerns that his views were becoming extreme…Soon after that they received information from Mr. Mohamud’s father, alerting them to what the official described as increased radicalization.”

    The whole reason that the FBI was on to this kid was that his own father, a Muslim American and an engineer at Intel, had reported his suspicions to the authorities.

    I posted a comment from the original reporting on his arrest about the group, Muslims for Peace, that passed out literature in a very public condemnation of the plot the day after the arrest in Portland. The same comment also highlighted comments from numerous leaders in Portland’s Islamic community — all offering unequivocal and immediate condemnation of this kid.

    Is there literally nothing that will persuade you that all Muslims are not culpable for the crimes of a handful of their radical co-religionists?

  4. The Duke of Deception

    Kind of feel sorry for the little shit. It has probably just dawned on him that he will spend the rest of his life in a really tiny room.

  5. InfoDiva

    Not sure if it’s really relevant, but we just returned from a trip to Europe. At every hotel, our passports were photcopied, and we learned that every foreign visitor is registered with the police by every hotel–a legal requirement.

    Forget about our leaky southern border–those folks mean us no harm. We can’t even properly account for the foreign visitors who enter legally.

    And by the way, not to highjack your thread, but we were dismayed by the very cavalier attitude towards airport security that we saw in Italy. We were checked in on intra-EU connecting flights right through to JFK with only a quick glance at our passports. Our carryon luggage got the most cursory of x-rays. The security in Frankfurt was much more thorough.

    Our hope is that the Italians engage in profiling and did not consider a middle-aged American couple worth a close look.

    • InfoDiva, that was the case when I was bumming around Europe in 1971. I had to report to the police in Greece every couple of months to get my visa extended, youth hostels required my passport, etc., and, while I certainly missed the easy familiarity of the United States, I recognized that I was a foreigner, and never felt that my human civil rights were being violated.

  6. NoWorriesMate

    TAQIYYA. In short, Lying to the infidels to protect the cause. And to think we have them swear on a bible. What planet do we come from that doesn’t recognize the new realities of war and peace.

    And Chris, libs are only tolerant of other libs thoughts and ideas. Oh, and throats cutters, don’t forget the throat cutters.

  7. Anonymous

    Why are ‘they’ here and why do we let ‘them’ stay? What are you going to do, exile every Muslim in Portland? Are you serious? By the way, you are VERY selective in how you report issues.

  8. Anonymous

    and you’re assuming, ‘they’ come from somewhere else. If you wanted to kick me out, say, where would you send me?

  9. Chris

    CF, I think you have a typo in “Muslims in Portland universally refused to cooperate”. I believe you meant “”Muslims in America universally refused to cooperate”.

    You make an excellent point.

  10. Chris

    Look at this loyalty example … we train them, feed them, and pay them a full $2 a month salary, and that is what we get in return …


  11. Anonymous

    Chris, I’m not going anywhere on an ice floe or to outer space. For a while I was willing to overlook your crazy neo-con tendencies and hire you as our broker, but we’ll take our money elsewhere. I’m really sorry to encounter your ignorance and hatred.

  12. Inagua

    Some Muslims will keep trying to kill Infidels as long as they believe that this is a ticket to paradise, as the Koran teaches. Islam is a totalist religion whose basic tenents are incompatible with a free, open, and tolerant society. It is a militant faith that believes it will one day encompass all mankind. It holds there is but one God, Allah, that his last and greatest prophet was Muhammad, that Islam, the path of submission, is the path of salvation. It believes that its sacred book, the Koran, should inform the culture, that Sharia should be the basis of civil law.

  13. Anonymous

    Really? Are you serious, or has an 8 year old taken over your website? (By the way, if a handful of people didn’t want to talk to police at their door late at night, I don’t think I’d generalize to the larger population from that). Anyway, I hope this isn’t you doing the posting, but if it is, then you’re horrid.

  14. Libertarian Advocate

    Islam is a totalist religion whose basic tenents (sic) are incompatible with a free, open, and tolerant society.

    Precisely! In Islam, the “Church” is the State and the State is the “Church.”

    That indisputable foundational characteristic of Islam seems to be wholly and willfully ignored by the educated American Left. The rest of America’s dopey emotionally reactive left are just too flippin ignorant to know any better. See, by way of example, http://libertarianadvocate.blogspot.com/2010/11/we-are-ones-weve-been-waiting-for.html

  15. Anonymous

    Honestly, what do you THINK I feel? That you have to ask is distressing. But it’s a long way from being disgusted by what he has done to saying you want to expel all Muslims from Portland based on their religion. I think YOU are the one who needs to do some explaining.

  16. Anonymous

    p.s. How about if we use your reasoning to condemn any group whose fringe elements are violent?

  17. Anonymous

    Libertarian Advocate (and Chris)– I suspect you have no Muslim friends? You seem to think of us as some weird monolithic entity. And you don’t have a clue either.

  18. anonster

    If a Fed knocked on my door at night to talk about someone I know, I’d take their card and seek out a lawyer before talking to them. If folks have an issue with that, I’d suggest you ask around and find out what good has come from innocent people talking to feds after a surprise visit at night. The govt isnt always right.

  19. Inagua


    Cute video. Thanks.

    Most on the Left are clueless as to how totalist, backward, sexist, violent, and homophobic Islam is. The conflict between being a believing Muslim and American values eludes most on the Left. I suspect that all this moral preening about not judging an entire religion by a few bad apples is just temporary silliness like Leonard Bernstein fawning over the Black Panthers. Reality eventually intrudes on all liberal fantasies.

  20. annoyed

    Anonster– you’re spot on. Thank you.

  21. JRH

    Libertarian Advocate, I guess you’ve never heard of Kemal Ataturk or been to his country. Or to India, the world’s largest democracy and home to one of the world’s largest Muslim populations.

  22. Libertarian Advocate

    Anonymous: As it happens, I have several Muslim friends, all of whom genuinely profess horror at the increased radicalization of their religion. It has always been my view that it is ultimately the self-interested responsibility of the moderate majority of Muslims (I’ll even concede that, here at least, that would be the vast majority of Muslims. How else can one explain that Al Qaeda was forced to rely on foreign born Muslims to effect 9/11? Plainly, U.S. born or long term U.S. resident foreign born Muslims were perceived as doctrinally unreliable for that operation) to severely reign in the radical Imams, by de-funding those mosques that promote radical interpretations of the Qu’ran AND by actively engaging and confronting those Muslim clergy who teach radical orthodoxy and promote violent Jihad, be it overtly or covertly.

    Then again, there is the case of Aasia Bibi, who was convicted in Pakistan of defamation against the prophet and sentenced to death for it. (in the off chance you’re not familir with this case, go here: http://libertarianadvocate.blogspot.com/2010/11/free-aasia-bibi.html)

    A rational person, of whatever faith, or no faith at all, necessarily must ask if a given religion is so great and its truth so self-evident, why must it need to defend itself by the imposition of a death sentence on those who “defame” its founder? To me that seems a rather insecure – indeed infantile – response.

    Also, as I understand it, Mohammad himself rejected any notion of deification of living breathing humans including himself, yet “modern” interpretations of Islam seem to treat him as a god in his own right.

    I could go on, but think the ball is firmly back in your court now.

  23. JRH

    Also sort of amusing to see so-called libertarians’ righteous indignation that a) a local government opted out of a massive federal program when presented with a perfectly legal opportunity to do so and b) that a handful of Americans, when approached in their own homes by federal agents, refused to immediately cooperate without some sort of legal protection. So much for local control, states’ rights and individual liberties over state power, huh?

  24. boredatwork

    CF, in the past you have advocated never speaking to the police except to demand a lawyer. For example, here…


    I quote: “Her only sin, so far as I can tell, was making the same mistake most civilians do: she assumed that the police were there to assist and were open to reason. NEVER speak to the police, except to demand a lawyer!”

    So perhaps these folks in Portland have been reading your blog and decided that they will follow your advice and not speak to the police. Your influence seems to be growing by the day…

  25. Libertarian Advocate

    JRH: I have heard of Ataturk, though you’re right, I’ve never been to Turkey. I have been to India, Iran (ante Mullocracy), Morocco, Malaysia, Indonesia and southern Thailand. Furthermore, as a yout I had planned to apply to, and attend if accepted, A.U.B., but the Lebanese civil war changed all that.

    So your point is what?

  26. JRH

    boredatwork, CF seems to advocate one relationship between government and citizen for non-Muslims, and a wholly different relationship between government and citizen for Muslim Americans. Treating an entire group of Americans as a suspect class based on their religious affiliation — liberty, indeed.

  27. Libertarian Advocate

    Hey Chris: As I write this, you have 33 published comments on this post, all more or less on topic. I think it might be a record for this blog.

  28. JRH

    “Well, one group is at war against the rest of us.”

    It’s simply shocking that you believe that Muslim Americans are at war with “us.” Really at a loss here.

  29. Fan the Flames

    Christopher Fountain, you are a very sick man.
    Sad. Sad. Sad. We, living in Greenwich, are supposedly the group ” the rest of us” that you are referring to. I can honestly say, as a fellow Greenwich resident, you are not speaking for us at all. We are ashamed that a man spewing so much hatred lives in this peace loving town at all. Shame on you, Mr. Fountain

  30. annoyed

    Wow, CF. Some time ago you rightly critcized the Koran-burning pastor in Florida. And yet….. now you kind of sound like him.