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The wonderful folks at WordPress have given me instructions on how to add all sorts of neat-o – items to the blog, including restoring the search feature. I hope I’ve done that, but let me know. From the administrator’s seat, I get a different view. Between potato cannons, cats, clamming and trying to sell real estate, I’ve been neglecting the new blog template, but I’ll whip it into shape soon.

By the way, buyers are prowling around, if my own limited experience is any example. In all ranges, just so long as the price is reasonable. I wouldn’t call any of my clients a bottom feeder, just cautious. They’re making good bids and sellers are responding. If you aren’t getting offers, then I think you’re over-priced for the current market. But talk to your agent – marking to market does not necessarily mean having to take a deep bath, you just may have to lower your expectations. There’s a difference.


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  1. Cobra

    The search feature seems to work fine, albeit judged after a cursory sequence of searches. For example, I entered “175 Round Hill Road,” and up popped several past postings.

  2. Red

    This morning I noticed a huge flatbed truck, loaded with a giant yellow bulldozer, rolling slowly up Lake Avenue. I realized I hadn’t seen one in a while, though they were common in the late 90’s/early 00’s and I had resented the way they snarled local traffic. On the same quick errand, I drove by two complete teardowns on Lake and another extensive renovation at the very bottom of Round Hill Road.

    So Chris, from your knowledge of the area, is the new-construction market coming back?

    • Red, my builders, architects and banker friends all report renewed activity, and I’m certainly seeing more construction trucks here in Riverside than I have in the past couple of years. So yeah, I think we’re coming back. I’m especially pleased for the architects I know – a lot of them were suffering back there, and they’re good people. I can sell a smaller house, a builder can build a deck, but architects can’t survive designing sun porches.

  3. WordPress is all about the widgets, Chris. You can add and subtract any you want, from Search to Top Posts to Archives. Go to your Dashboard, scroll down to Appearance, then click widgets…drag and place any you want, or any you don’t. That’ll be $100 please for my technical support!πŸ™‚

    Changing to real estate: I heard Barbara Corcoran say when buying a house, the price to pay attention to is the “per square foot” and how it fluctuates with the market ups and downs. Is that something you watch as well?

    My brother-in-law is an architect and yes, he will attest to the pain of being one in these lean times. His firm used to build hospitals, college additions, scientific laboratories, corporate headquarters….note: i said USED TO. His business is so slow I got him to help us design an addition to our little cottage.

  4. WordPress PS: you can put your widgets in any order too so if you want to place the search above your blogroll or between the blogroll and the Useful Links, drag it to where you want it. You can also change the format of your Archives to have it be a drop down to the month, if you don’t want it to take up so much of your right hand column. That’ll be another $100, please.

    Kudos on those blog stats! Glorioski – that’s some dedicated viewership.

  5. Anonymous

    Off topic: you were so hyped up about the TSA invasion of our rights. On traveling this weekend, I encountered NOTHING! I was prepared for the worst, but saw nothing and was involved with nothing…..and I traveled a long distance. And there was an article in your favorite newspaper the NYT about the media hype around this……..why no follow up comment?

    • Gee, Anon, I was going to link to that NYT blog, but thought I was beating a dead horse. Did you read it? The author does discus the overload, but also mentions the little six-year-old being strip searched and concludes that we are no safer today with TSA searches than we were pre 9/11.

  6. Cos Cobber

    thanks to the search feature I was able to find this:

    Back in March you said there is no way a house on Indian Field Road can sell for $1.7. Well, as you know it closed at $1.75 at week.

  7. Cos Cobber

    Suing you would give you too much pleasure πŸ™‚

  8. Hey

    Well if they had listened to Chris they might have sold their house in something less than 8 months!

  9. Anonymous

    The search function works great, thanks for taking the time to look into it and fix it.

  10. JB

    This may be pushing it (and I know you do this blog for fun), but you should have an anonymous box where people can write in questions/comments and then you can write about them (not everyone wants to send you an email and have their identity released to the public. I for one, am an example of this). So say you get three comments about a teardown on Lake Avenue in this “box,” then you can write about it to cater to your readers. This will prevent people from asking questions about something that the post was not originally about. Also, I noticed you have a great deal of readers, but no ads. Don’t you get almost 1,000 hits a day? You may want to consider putting in a google ads to make some money. It’s really easy to do and might even be worth paying some Greenwich High School geek to do it for you (they’re cheap, and you can find them by just calling the school). And then use Google Analytics to trace how many clicks you get on your page to see if they have decreased after you implemented the new ads. If you readers decrease, kill the ads. But if they stay the same, hey…why not make money? Everyone wants money. Even small cash pays off in the long run. Plus, you deserve it after all the hard work you put into this blog.