Are there no shotguns?

After a prisoner destroys sprinkler valve and cell block, Greenwich cops look into preventing such damage in the future.


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5 responses to “Are there no shotguns?

  1. Anony3

    Tasers Anyuone? well, maybe not with the water on the floor. What about a tranq dart?

    To protect the sprinklers? Cages with locks that release only when the fire/smoke detector sends a signal to the cage to unlock and eject

  2. dogwalker

    Oh, thank goodness you did not mention his country of birth and the predominant religion of that country so as not to get accused of hatefulness . . . because, so we are told, it is only a small, fringe minority who are prone to violence and destruction.

  3. school seeker

    Don’t know where to post this, but I found it online when I followed your link, above, and I know you’d find this relevant to some other things you’ve posted about schools– could you start a new post about this, if you are so inclined?

  4. IDAHO

    Multi-Million dollar police palace, lots of 6 figure employees wandering around.

    OOPS! Back to the drawing board!!!

  5. Fred2

    No drains in the floors of the cells? Seriously. Where will the blood go when the police adminster a nice solid tune-up to the jerk? “The suspect fell down the stairs … several times.”