It’s beginning to look a lot like “German Holiday”

These would be protected by the First Amenedment

Philadelphia orders “German Christmas Village” to remove the dreaded “Christmas” word.


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8 responses to “It’s beginning to look a lot like “German Holiday”

  1. Anonymous

    Everyone should send 100 Christmas cards to the ACLU:

    125 Broad Street, 18th Floor
    New York, NY 10004

    It’s donation season, and they can’t risk not opening all their mail.

  2. Cos Cobber

    CF, i’m not fan of your picture…doesnt seem to correlate with the story.

    • Here’s my thinking on that picture choice, CC: we have a German group banned from displaying a “German Christmas Village” sign, yet we would be required under our laws to let another group put up a Christmas tree, just so long as it had offensive, repugnant images.

      I’m absolutely a fan of free speech (and I’d better be). But the irony of the word “Christmas” being banned while the most horrid symbol of the last century being protected speech struck me as worth commenting on.

  3. Anonymous

    I love your business analysis. You seem to have an economical and unbiased perception using data for real estate analysis etc.. Yet, I can’t decide whether you are flabbergasted by neo Nazi stories or are you some how projecting your own thoughts via others outbursts? You seem drawn to posting many of them.

  4. Anon – see if my last response explains things – if not, please write again and let’s discuss all this. I will confess, I post some things just because I know it will set things off, and the nine-year-old in me can’t resist, but truly, this ban on reference to Christmas really sets me off. And I am, depending on the month, a Taoist, Christian or atheist. Who cares, and whose business is it?

  5. A few years ago I received a “Happy Holidays” card from a charity I had donated to for many years. What surprised me was that it came from Episcopal Charities, which is rumored to have ties to Christianity. I emailed them to let them know that my donations would resume when they lost their fear of the word Christmas. It hasn’t happened yet.

  6. Cos Cobber

    But CF, this story is also about public property. I dont you would be permitted to place nazi symbols on public property as well. The Christmas sign was affixed to public property, that was the issue.

  7. It was his idea

    Works for me!