New and Improved potato (e) cannon

New, improved potato cannon from Steyer Armanents

Old style



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17 responses to “New and Improved potato (e) cannon

  1. Next improvement is to sharpen a section of barrel pipe to stamp out pumpkin or squash rine plugs as ammo. You can never be too prepared.

    If geese are your targets, call your band of Ole Creek militia Gees-stopo, and prepare to march on Binney Park.

  2. Scott Elwell -


  3. Construction aesthetic note:

    Purple dye primer for PVC plumbing is only required in CT. The NY clear coat might give a sleeker image. You might try spell checking the photo captions. You’re not as smart as you think with the (e).

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    Ummm…. That’ll get you undesirable attention at the airport.

  5. Anonymous

    A genuine Steyr (sic) AUG in CT !!!
    AUG = Automatische UberKartoffel Geschutz

  6. Fred2

    I take it the T junction is the combustion chamber, the red button is the igniter, and you load through the back? Nice

  7. Libertarian – I broke Asher’s heart when I told him he couldn’t take the cannon back with him on this morning’s flight to California.

  8. Retired IB'er

    First, nice piece of serious kid hardware.

    Second, Asher, and his travelling companions, would have never made it back to CA if he’d tried to get that on a plane. TSA would have confiscated it in a second (to end up in some TSA employee’s kid’s arsenal) and you as the builder along with Asher et al as your mule would be put on the no-fly list as terrorists.

    Now you, CF, I can understand as a terrorist (that being the view of upstanding Greenwich realtors), but Asher (at least from his picture with the cat) seemed like a nice normal kid.

    Just saying…

  9. It needs a turret mount for your kayak.

  10. cpu

    White Rain Hairspray? Or Propane?

    Just askin.


  11. Anonymous

    Could it be sent via FedEx or UPS? Imagine Asher’s joy if he found it under the Christmas tree?

  12. Daniel

    Do you load the hairspray in the side projection? The part with the igniter button?