Uh oh

Thomas Keegan and GPD searching for beer-toting teens at Tod's Point, Greenwich Ct

I saw retired Lieutenant (I hope that’s his rank) Tommy Keegan today and he reminded me, as I well know, that it’s Keegan, not “Keagan”. Tommy’s my only friend on the force, so I want to keep that straight, and I’ve corrected my original misspelling of two days ago. Who the hell knew that the Irish could read? (Joke Tommy, joke – my great-grandfather was Irish!)


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3 responses to “Uh oh

  1. Anony3

    Eugene O’Neill ring any bells Mons. de la Fontaine?

  2. Scott Elwell - Greenwich365.com

    Please tell me where that picture came from. That’s hilarious.

    • Google Images, Scott. I wanted cops on Segues, and up came this image of them on the beach. Perfect. Google’s got everything, but you need a sick, twisted mind to figure out the search. That I have.