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We’re all going to die, but those of us on Medicare are going to die sooner

Forget finding a doctor to care for you, even before the 23% cut in fees kicks in next year. Remind me to die before I hit 65. And, before I die, can I have my money back?


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Kittens are here hiding under a bed while they acclimitate

I mentioned to Asher that I’d have preferred an older cat and he, wise man that he is at nine-years-old, pointed out that “young cats turn into older cats”. Indeed they do. I look forward to seeing them do so.


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Igniter failure, damn it!

Got off two good potato shots off today, much to Nephew Asher’s delight, but then the sparker failed. I can see a spark, but the AquaNet won’t explode. Bummer. I may have to bring back Ferdinand – as a wayward youth, he was trained by the Austrian army to serve in a squad that hid in the woods and were supposed to pop up and kill as many Russians as they could before they themselves were killed. What a lousy proposition! But if I can convince him that a Russian Colonel’s head is around the bend, maybe he’ll fix my igniter? In the meantime, I have him busy estimating finishing costs on an abandoned $7.5 million mansion, so his mind might be otherwise occupied. Some guys can’t keep their priorities straight.

Asher’s [Great – who can keep track of all this?] grandmother has called and she’s coming home with two kittens from Adopt-A-Cat, brother and sister. I suspect that that will more than make up for our temporary loss of potato gun fun. What a great holiday.


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Doing well while doing good

Lady pulls in $244,000 running charitable (to her) city chess program. Her pal running the charity’s investment fund lost $2 million last year while also getting rich. Why am I selling real estate?

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Wearing a tampon? Don’t you dare fly!

Our TSA is on to you, bitch!

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Why I always hated delegating

Listening to the Giant’s game, and the farking receivers are dropping perfectly thrown passes. Good God.

UPDATE, 3:53. Okay, they won anyway, but Jeeze! They’re battered, and missing many of their key players, but spare our hearts, would you?


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search feature

It’s still here, but the WordPress update to this template has moved it. Look up on the right hand side and there’s a search box, “search”, type in what you want, THEN click ” “this site”, and you’re there. Awkward, I know.


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How can a mere PFC have the authority to commit such treason?

PFC Bradley Manning, traitor

I’m not at all surprised that secret embassy cables reveal alarming truths, but how in hell does a friggin’ private get access to such material?


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Dying banker has investing suggestions

Ex-Goldman, dying of brain cancer, he’s written a book. Sounds like reasonable advice to me – if only I could afford to buy a book!


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Santa in Old Greenwich

Nice story here about kids meeting Santa. High school kids volunteering, making kids’ day, but I was struck by the mention of Greenwich policeman Sean O’Donell and his three-year-old son, Matthew. If memory serves, Sergeant O’Donnell served two tours in Iraq, and graciously met my son John and me at Starbucks some years ago so that we could express our gratitude for his service. I’m delighted that he now has his own boy and can take him to events like this. (I’m still pissed at your brother, Sean, for trying to handcuff my daughter Sarah for the alleged offense of driving with bad brakes – saved by Tommy Keegan –  but happy Thanksgiving to you, Matthew, and even that hot-headed brother of yours).


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Here in Greenwich, we’d have to offer the Mommies coupons for Splash detailing jobs

Brunswick child waddling from SUV to front steps of school

Britain offers kids shopping voucher rewards if they’ll walk to school. My guess is that our own kids would be delighted to walk down the street, if only their mothers would let them.


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Good gracious, surely the man’s entitled to a little smoke

Willie Nelson busted for 6 oz. of pot. He’s 77, and obviously likes what he likes on his touring bus. We need law enforcement resources devoted to protect us from Willie and a few joints? Ridiculous.


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Somali’s bomb plot

Look: I certainly wish no ill on Oregon residents, and I’m delighted that Corvallis residents weren’t blown to bits yesterday at their Christmas tree lighting ceremony, but if anyone was asking for death and destruction, it was this liberal mayor and his constituents.

Portland Mayor Sam Adams said today that he didn’t know about the investigation into a plot to detonate a bomb at the tree-lighting ceremony at Pioneer Courthouse Square last night.Adams said he would have been notified if the bomb had been live.

“I did not know about it until 9:15 p.m. last night when I was asked to go to the FBI headquarters in Portland for a briefing,” said the mayor, who also serves as police commissioner.

He said it was the same protocol followed by former Mayor Vera Katz when he served as her chief of staff.

“On these international terrorism investigations, it’s top secret, limited to select law enforcement circles,” Adams said. “That’s under direct order of Washington, D.C.”

In 2005, the city council voted to end Portland’s involvement in the federal Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Adams said the city still operates under the agreement reached with federal authorities at that time. He stressed that he has much more faith in the Obama administration and the leadership of the U.S. Attorney’s office now than he did in 2005.

Adams said the partnership is working well.

The bombing plot was “very unnerving,” he said. “It came as a shock to me, as I’m sure it did for most Portlanders,”

He said it was a “reminder that we are not an oasis with a wall around us. We work hard to have a free and open local community, but it’s a reminder that part of us must always be vigilant to prevent people from abusing those values of openness.”

The mayor said that he had “trust in Portlanders’ sense of fairness” in dealing with the alleged Somali plotter.

“Bad actions by one member of any group does not and should not be generalized or applied more widely to other members of that same group,” he said. “Otherwise, as the biggest racial group in Portland, we European-Americans would be in deep trouble.”

Adams said he and Commissioner Amanda Fritz and Police Chief Mike Reese will be doing outreach to leadership in the Somali community.

UPDATE: What I said (yesterday). Washington Examiner :political correctness almost doomed Portland.


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Cannon shots on Ole’s Creek

Potato cannon up and operating – I’ll post some pictures tomorrow. I used the same basic design from my last version but this time, instead of drilling a hole in the base cap and dumping the entire igniter in the expansion chamber, I persuaded my pal Ferdinand Steyer to come by and work out a better system inserted in the top of the chamber. Less sticky hairspray residue and the darn vegetables still fly out 150 yards of so. Grand nephew Asher was almost as awed as Ferdinand and I were.


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Clamming was a bust

Tide was right (low) but the wind’s howling from the west at 20+ knots and Asher was immediately chilled. My basic rule for child entertainment is that it must be fun, not an endurance contest, so we retreated, to try again tomorrow.

I’ve lined up my pal, builder and genius electrician Ferdinand Steyr to help install the igniter into our potato cannon later this morning, so  we’ll be keeping Asher entertained through the weekend, clams or not.


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Are you following all this “Black Friday” nonsense?

Not even worth linking to, but the Internet is choked with stories of riots, gun-toting maniacs and idiots lining up at 10:00 PM for 4:00 AM store openings. For bargains on toaster ovens? What the frig has happened to us? The same goddamned thing will be for sale tomorrow, or you can buy it from Amazon two weeks from now, free shipping. Good God.


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Delmonte – there’s no “there” there, anymore

According to the WSJ, the firm was busted up years ago. At one time, the firm controlled a pretty large chunk of Hawaii, with both good and bad results: the good was, it kept a lot of the islands as farmland. If I lived I Hawaii, I believe I’d be nervous about a bunch of Wall Street suits controlling my future – I guess these guys mostly concern themselves with Kibble & Bits and Kitty Litter, but how much worse when the pineapple fields surrounding you are a mere afterthought to folks like these.

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Another country, another era, and someone’s off to the Tower of London

Obama needs twelve stitches after receiving elbow in face during basketball game. Do I need to add that I’m glad he’s okay? I hope I don’t.


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Potato cannons

My grand-nephew Asher has never fired a potato cannon – that’s the trouble when your dad dies too young. But we will remedy that today. My first cannon, a most excellent weapon, was rendered inoperable by another father (never lend books or cannons, is the lesson here) but Asher and I are heading off to Home Depot where, assuming Black Friday madness hasn’t afflicted the home improvement market, we’ll secure the necessary PVC pipes and joints so that we can resume firing at our local goose population – they just hate potatoes landing between them!


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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I got mine, Jack, so screw you!

Walter Noel’s “Greenwich Sentry” Madoff feeder fund goes bust. Actually, I thought the old fart filed for bankruptcy two years ago, but I guess not. Nice to see that, having enriched himself at the Madoff trough for twenty years, Walter is insisting that his defrauded friends pry back the lucre from his cold, stiff fingers. It’s a strategy that will probably work, because Noel’s an old man, and his lawyers can surely keep his avenging victims off his back until he shuffles off this mortal coil. Nice if he’d do the right thing, but that ain’t gonna happen. I love this bit:

The investment partnerships used a form of “non-traditional options trading” implemented by Madoff, [Sentry lawyer] McKeefry said.

I dunno, it seems to me that a Ponzi scheme is a very traditional form of trading, one that quickly separates suckers from their money. Walt must see things different.


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