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The Last Cowboy Song

I don’t even know who this guy is, but he’s got Waylon and Willie on the track.

UPDATE: My bad – the author is Ed Bruce, who turns out to have written some of my favorite songs, including”Mommas don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys”. Sorry, Mr. Bruce.


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I didn’t realize they still had royalty

Poor ol’ Queen of Sweden. Last month, her husband was revealed as a womanizing whore master, now it turns out that her father was a Nazi armament manufacturer who got rich on confiscated jewish property.


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HOV lanes

Just heard a reference to these on a WFUV (90.7) traffic report, and I was reminded of the complaint of the mother of a former girl friend, Deborah Pyper. Seeing the reserved lane, Joan Pyper complained, “don’t we already do so much for the gays?”

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Scusie says

New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi came into Polpo restaurant last week and encountered a friend of mine with his own nine-year-old son and some of the boy’s friends, slurping Shirley Temples and chowing down on ravioli. I’m told that, after complementing the boys on their good manners, Mr. Girardi posed for pictures, signed autographs and was utterly gracious. That’s pretty cool.


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Cat pictures coming

The two kittens (we’re tending towards William and Mary, what do you think?) are beginning to come out from under my mother’s bed and joining her watching TV, but are still pretty shy. They were rescued from a vacant, foreclosed house (hey, this is a real estate column, or I try to make it one) in August, so they’ve had several months without human companionship. Still, they respond to soft rubs – they purr – and as yesterday’s photo showed, they’re already prepared to be picked up and cuddled by a small boy. Now we have to work on them accepting a grizzled old man. That will come, as will photos.


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The board is down

Our Greenwich MLS is all screwed up, so I can’t post much. I did notice that 16 Lauder has gone to contract: Started at $7.5 million back in 2000, came back on at $7.450 in 2008 and finally dropped to $5.975 this year. That seems to have done it. Nice house, despite its decorating job.


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Someone took a bath

20 Dingletown

This sold for $3.6 yesterday, which is a lot, but much less than the builders first sought. My estimate? Big loss.


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Damn: another customer lost

Christopher Fountain, you are a very sick man.Sad. Sad. Sad. We, living in Greenwich, are supposedly the group ” the rest of us” that you are referring to. I can honestly say, as a fellow Greenwich resident, you are not speaking for us at all. We are ashamed that a man spewing so much hatred lives in this peace loving town at all. Shame on you, Mr. Fountain

The beauty of this blog is that it serves as a filter, and this person can go back to the Greenwich Garden Club and find exactly the woman she’ll be comfortable with. They can discuss Junior League events, the latest goings on among the town’s elite and, if the agent is lucky, they’ll arrange a marvelous purchase of an over-priced house. No harsh words, no hurt feelings. And I, happily enough, will never have to meet her. It’s a win-win situation.

UPDATE: this was all stirred up my a post about the Portland Bomber. The poster furiously denies that she’s a woman, and I’m tempted to believe her –  Mohammad Attah,  mastur-whatever behind the 9/11 massacre also claimed to be a macho-guy, despite a history of assaulting young boys and donkeys. So okay, this one’s a real man – just watch out for “male” airline passengers with shaved legs and rouged cheeks.


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You have to start young to get ahead

Ponzi scheme in Denver nabs high schoolers in a phony marijuana dispensary business. The drug dealers who sold fake LSD in the 60’s and lived to breed must be applauding. If this isn’t going on in Greenwich, I’ll be disappointed: all those empty bedrooms on Round Hill Road going to waste.


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Deadliest town in America?

Man dies after falling from roof while stringing Christmas lights.

The Courier-Post of Cherry Hill reported the man was found lying unconscious in his driveway around 5 p.m. Sunday. A ladder was propped against the garage roof and his hat was left on the roof. Lights were half strung along the home’s second story.

The man was pronounced dead at Kennedy Memorial Hospital.

Police say an average of one person a year in the town dies while setting up holiday decorations.

If that’s even remotely true, Cherry Hill should consider banning eggnog sales during the holidays.


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