Cat pictures coming

The two kittens (we’re tending towards William and Mary, what do you think?) are beginning to come out from under my mother’s bed and joining her watching TV, but are still pretty shy. They were rescued from a vacant, foreclosed house (hey, this is a real estate column, or I try to make it one) in August, so they’ve had several months without human companionship. Still, they respond to soft rubs – they purr – and as yesterday’s photo showed, they’re already prepared to be picked up and cuddled by a small boy. Now we have to work on them accepting a grizzled old man. That will come, as will photos.


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17 responses to “Cat pictures coming

  1. No matter what you name them, they are two lucky ducks (cats) for being saved by a loving family. We had a black and white cat we called Turbo Kitty (named by our son William who loved cars!) Our William is nicknamed Liam… and maybe that’s easier to call your cat too. Looking forward to photos. Liam and Mary. I like it.

  2. I like the names. Who’s been caring for them since August, and do you have an approximate age?

    • I think they’re five months old, Richard. I’m doing a disservice to the adoption group that found and saved them (can’t find their literature) but PetSmart (?) devotes a third of its stores to these folks (Exit Six, Stamford, and up on Route One in Norwalk, east of Exit 13, on the right). Great store, great organization – it’s a no-kill agency, so you pay for a vaccinated, neutered cat, at greater expense than when I discovered Henry there, but this all costs money. Most of the staff is volunteer.

  3. Anon-and-on

    Fred and Ethel, surely.

  4. Anon1

    Find out the rescue group name and email, please, and post it. Your post may get one other homeless cat adopted.
    Thanks to your mom for adopting two kitties who needed a good home!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    I’m still partial to Walt and Monica but I do like William and Mary too. You’ll get in less local trouble with W&M and the names are appropriate for a couple of Anglophiles. 🙂

  6. Hibiscus

    Was it Friends of Felines? We got two cats from them a few years ago. The volunteers there are amazing and go to incredible lengths to save the
    cats. Look forward to the cat pictures,

  7. The Petsmart in Cortlandt gives the rescue groups a lot of floor space too, and I appreciate their generosity. If you think about it though, if you adopt an animal you’re likely to buy a lot of food, toys and various pet accessories on your way out, and come back for more. It’s a smart business strategy for them too.


    Just guessing, but I bet most cats in town have been adopted from some rescue group or another – it says something nice about both the adopters and the rescue groups involved – and how different it is from buying a pet from a breeder or shop.

  9. Jane

    Love the William and Mary idea. But if that is not your choice, you have to promise to go with Walt and Monica. (Same monograms!)

  10. Walt

    Dude –
    How about For and Sale? Or Repo and Sessed? Short & Sale? Market and Sucks? Snooty & Wasp? Commission & Checks? Last Sale & Seven Years Ago?
    Your Pal,

  11. Hu Nhu?

    Sherman & Sterling

  12. Hong Kong lotus blossom

    Herschel and Caroline
    Going back to stargazing and your ??German / Jewish roots??
    These amazing mere mortals in 1781, discovered Uranus, it’s moons Titania and Oberon, and in addition, the 7 +2 moons of Saturn, infra-red radiation, and multiple Comets.
    My heros. My daughter is named after the 3 Caroline’s in their descendency line, Bless your new little babies and your Mommy.

  13. Greek American reader

    Greeks feel that giving an animal a human name is a big insult to the human. If the name belongs to a saint, it borders on sacrilegious. Thus I especially can’t endorse the name Mary, which belongs to the most revered of saints.

    My grandfather, a peasant in the old country, named his beloved donkey Mussolini (get it – Mussolini was an ass). Can you imagine an American naming a pet after someone he hates? No way, because people would assume that you actually admire Pelosi or whoever and not get the point that it’s an insult.

  14. Hi Chris. I also had cats. My cat, Dee, were shy like people. She always knock my door in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. But now I have a wife, and she doesn’t allow me to have cat anymore because she’s pregnant. 😦