Someone took a bath

20 Dingletown

This sold for $3.6 yesterday, which is a lot, but much less than the builders first sought. My estimate? Big loss.


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9 responses to “Someone took a bath

  1. Out Looking In

    as I said before Chris- major design flaws….woof woof…

  2. Anonymous

    Was this bank owned? It looks like it was up for foreclosure in 2009 but I don’t know if it ever went through or not.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if it was bank-owned, but perhaps just close to being so. It was definitely under foreclosure, but sometimes borrowers can pull out last minute deals. I can’t imagine anyone paying this much for a distressed property, so maybe the buyers went direct. One every minute, etc.

  3. Anonymous

    what kind of design flaws? Isn’t this new construction? Wondering what they got wrong— please tell!

  4. anonster

    I thought this thread was about voyeurism.

  5. armonk

    I remember it was a big house on a small lot with septic. Some kind of miracle septic system.

  6. Whatup

    This was one interesting crib. First off the place did not have any quiet space on the first floor, the basement was micky-moused, the counter top granite was a horrible color. The master bedroom did have a nice grand door. The other bedrooms are very small. They street is a death trap and the property with the 1970’s pool is a disaster waiting to happen! I have to hand it to the garmento turned builder at least he got out without having to hock his Harley! The buyer had to have been from NJ! Who would pay this kind of money for such a home??

  7. Out Looking In


    when they first marketed the house, they decided to NOT finish the backyard…so it had little visible usable land (for kids) and the lot was situated next to a “pond”. The “sweeping” staircase actually was part of the wall to the pint-sized living room (perhaps 12×12), so as I one sat in te living room you were actually looking at a rail! The back staircase was cavernous (there was an echo), nearly two stories high and perhaps 300 sq ft of the space…the house did not have great flow- it was okay- but not expected in new construction.
    I see that they finally added a landscaped backyard and a pool, but my wife and I had $4m to spend when we first looked at this house…we decided about $3m was all it was worth (without the pool and landscaping), along with a very creative architect…I mean, a living room the size of a receptiona area? what were they thinking?