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Got $7 million for a $12 million house?

Just had a deal fall through on a back country home when my buyer wouldn’t budge from his opening bid. If you have the bucks, I’ve got the financing. $3.5 down, total price $5 million, with $2 million (also financed) to finish to superb quality. $7.5 already put into this place.

(203) 249-4394, christopher.fountain@gmail.com


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More cops on Greenwich Avenue? I think not

Terry Betteridge, jewelry store owner, is pressing for a traffic cop to be added to the Lewis Street/Greenwich Avenue juncture. If memory serves (and I’ll go look, although Greenwich Time removes its news stories  from the net after a short time), some criminal removed a plate-glass shop window and stole a ton of jewelry a few years ago when there was still a cop at that intersection, just a few yards away.

Regardless, at a $100,000 per year (are we over paying these people, or what?) per officer, we should be substituting traffic signals for cops, not restoring them. Mr. Betterridge should invest in a better insurance policy or buy a gun.


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Could they really be this stupid? Sure they can.

US rejected for World Cup, in favor of Qatar. That’ll ensure their ratings.


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Unfortunately, this is no big deal

Hayes sentenced to death for killings. The only convict actually executed in Connecticut since 1960 was Michael Ross, and he had to fight for the legal right to die. Hayes will just join a nine-member cohort of losers and low-lifes, watching TV and enjoying himself for the next few decades.


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Sales and contracts

37 Midwood

Go figure.

New construction in Milbrook,asked $4.250, sold for $3.525.

30 Lockwood Drive, Old Greenwich, sold for $1.390 in ’04, sold yesterday for $1.340. Assessment, $989,000.

48 Partridge Hollow Road, sold for $6.300 million in 2006, asking $7.595, has a contract.


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Death panels roll closer


Solving the Medicare deficit, one corpse at a time

Organ transplant donors to receive home pick-up service.



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Go short in 2011

Goldman Sachs is bullish. Or it says it is – my guess is that they’re going short too.

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Governor Moonbeam’s solar energy delusion

$60 billion, more than the cost for California’s entire higher education system. Best thing? It won’t work.


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