Daily Archives: December 3, 2010

Aw come on, they’re just trees

We’ve got three pin oaks destined for the chipper if Ashforth Management (Greenwich Plaza) has its way – some honcho doesn’t like his view blocked apparently. I say, big deal, These trees aren’t that old, and I much prefered the view from the top of the Avenue back in the 60’s when Long Island Sound stretched out before us. Then-First-selectman Lowell Weiker sold off the town’s air rights and that view to his campaign manager Ashforth for $15,000. Three friggin’ pin oaks are small potatoes.


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At what point do we just let a senile old lady fade into the sunset?

How about right now? Helen Thomas tells arabs that Hollywood, the media and Congress are controlled by the Jews, and gets a standing ovation.


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