Aw come on, they’re just trees

We’ve got three pin oaks destined for the chipper if Ashforth Management (Greenwich Plaza) has its way – some honcho doesn’t like his view blocked apparently. I say, big deal, These trees aren’t that old, and I much prefered the view from the top of the Avenue back in the 60’s when Long Island Sound stretched out before us. Then-First-selectman Lowell Weiker sold off the town’s air rights and that view to his campaign manager Ashforth for $15,000. Three friggin’ pin oaks are small potatoes.


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5 responses to “Aw come on, they’re just trees

  1. Chimney

    Ahh, The Pickwick Hotel!

  2. Real Torme

    Ashforth, not Ashford. Milbank family…

  3. Anonymous

    Lowell Weiker: a bombastic bloviator if there ever was one, and, after all these years since we’ve been well rid of him, we’re still living with results of his political payoffs while he’s still living on the fruits of them.

  4. pulled up in OG

    It’s Ashforth (RHC mob, fwiw), acting as petulant as Betteridge, for no credible reason.

    Healthy trees, on state land, the only decent thing you see coming off the exit. And it’s not like a branch is gonna wipe out some old lady’s porch. It’s a concrete friggin’ structure.

  5. Views of LIS – from your parked car?