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Elaine Kaufman dead at 81

A cool lady. I  never dined at Elaine’s – no way to afford it – but she did join us at Gilliam Lane back in 1969 (?) for the wedding of Arthur Kopit (“Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma’s hung you in the closet  and I’m feeling so sad”, Buffalo Bill, etc.) and Leslie Garis (the Fountain house offered a religiously neutral sanctuary in those days). I was in Ninth grade at the time, and awed at meeting the elite of Broadway – Arthur and Edward Albee were joined by everyone who was anyone and Elaine, rather large, sat  as the queen she was and presided over the scene. It was neat.

I believe my brother Anthony finally came up with the cash to visit her restaurant and she claimed to remember her trip to Riverside but I’ll make do with my memory of her perched in our living room.


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Stamford Marriott settles rape case

You bet they did-mother forced at gunpoint into her minivan and raped in front of her children, idiot defence firm claimed that the mother was negligent of her own and her children’s safety. Stupid, stupid stupid.

I’ve represented victims of severe trauma, and none would exchange the money damages recovered for their life before. My heart goes out to this woman.


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Must we really mention religion?

Greenwich Time:

“Get your mind right.”

That was the battle cry of Greenwich Academy basketball coach O’Neil Medley. The gentile giant of GA could be heard shouting his mantra from the sidelines as plea for his players to be their best. But as the Gators tipped off the 2010-11 season that voice was missing and a giant absence was felt by all as GA began its season without Medley, who tragically passed away last July 4th in a motorcycle accident.


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Screw Whitey

Up in Harlem, where people don’t pay taxes, Charlie Rangle is hailed as a hero . This is pure class warfare, and it should concern some of us that 52% of Americans no longer pay income tax.


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Speaking of the self- employed

Realtor fires  129 agents.

UPDATE: On the other hand, this kid probably does qualify for unemployment insurance.

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As someone who has never collected unemployment payments, I’m not sure I care all that much

NYT: millions fear end of unemployment insurance. If  you’re self-employed, and millions of Americans are, you get no such payments. These folks have been paid by us for almost two years – 99 weeks, and now want more? Why?


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