Screw Whitey

Up in Harlem, where people don’t pay taxes, Charlie Rangle is hailed as a hero . This is pure class warfare, and it should concern some of us that 52% of Americans no longer pay income tax.


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15 responses to “Screw Whitey

  1. Retired IB'er

    Man’s a disgrace and represents all that is wrong with partisan politics. Mind you I am well aware there have been Reps who are equally reprehensible, but that is not the point.

    I shake my head everytime one of these scumbag Congress persons gets off with a slap on the wrist when the average Joe would end up in jail.

  2. greenwich dude

    For what it’s worth (ha!) the man is a decorated Korean war veteran, was an A US Attorney, and has served in congress for 40 years now. A self-made man in every sense of the word. For my money, and as much as I disagree with his politics, someone worthy of respect even considering his tax transgressions. “Disgrace” seems a bit harsh.

  3. Cobra

    Since joining the Congress, Rangel has serially committed offenses that would land ordinary citizens in, at the least, minimum security. Once he savored the sweet taste of corruption, he has displayed a gluttonous appetite for ripping off “the man,” also known as “taxpayers.” That his constituents now find this laudable speaks volumes. He should crawl back into his rathole and fester like an untreated boil.

  4. I think of him as just another sad example of a politician who assumed that the rules just didn’t apply to him and could be ignored. He wasn’t proactively corrupt like the guy with $80,000 in cash in his freezer, but he chaired Ways and Means and didn’t think he needed to declare his rental income. A NY’er who knew full well that rent controlled apartments have to be used as a primary residence but set one up as an office.

    The hubris is a little breathtaking.

  5. Retired IB'er

    Let me guess, you looked the other way with Turbo Timmy’s tax transgressions as well.

    I stand by “disgrace”… you can’t pick the laws you want to follow especially when you are in a position of political power.

  6. Can someone tell me what happens to Rangel now that he’s censured? I mean, if he’s barred from speaking on the floor, then why would he be considered a member of the House? Why not oust him? Can he still vote on bills?

  7. JRH

    It’s closer to 47% of Americans who don’t pay any federal income tax, Chris. And they do pay sales taxes (which are regressive) and property taxes.

  8. John


    The proverbial slap on the hand;

    “Unlike impeachment, censure has no explicit basis in the United States Constitution. It derives from the formal condemnation of either congressional body of their own members. When censured, the member must give up any committee chairs they hold, but they do not lose their elected position.”

    Mr. Rangle did hold an important Chairmanship, can’t remember which one. Probably has pretty good Capital Hill office space too, which is a function of his, ahem, seniority.

    A real piece of work for sure. We don’t need more like him, War record or not.


  9. just_looking

    “… and pay property taxes” = not rentals, not sect 8, not rent controlled apts.

  10. Hu Nhu?

    A self-made man? More like a Hog at the Trough. So he was drafted and did his duty in Korea like thousands of others. Good for him, but it does not entitle him to leech off the taxpayers. Nor does 40 years in a gerrymandered district entitle him to flaunt the very clear ethics rules. Rangel spent the last two years arrogantly denying the charges to which he’s now admitted. Had the Democrats held the House this year Rangel would still be behaving like the arrogant, corrupt blowhard he became. Tragic for the man. And a disgrace. Regardless of party, we must hold each and every “public servant” accountable, or, alternatively, accept corruption as a normal part of everyday life in all spheres.

  11. Inagua

    If your concern about the large number of non-income tax payers is their electoral influence, then there is an easy fix — assign extra votes to those who pay income tax.

  12. JRH

    just_looking, of course renters pay property taxes which are passed on by landlords in the form of…rent.

  13. JRH

    Inagua, I see you’re a “constitutional conservative” until the Constitution becomes, well, inconvenient. Surprise!

  14. No Worries Mate

    Greenwich dude. Seriously?
    For the war, he got his medals. For his public service he got his pay, adulation, good seats in restaurants, and whatever other perks. And now, what do we hear? A CLEAR sense of entitlement. I always thought this stuff about a sincere appology was bullshit. Then, today, 48 hours later, this knucklehead is saying his penalty was politically motivated? WHAT? He is very lucky he’s not Wesley Snipes roomie. Self made early, does not mean all down hill afterwards. Sure looks to this reader like first half/second half of the game. Same players, different game plan. Entitlement oozes from his pores. In ANY other job in America, he would have been fired, not scolded. Disgrace is exactly the right word.

  15. Anonymous

    Greenwich Dude on December 4, 2010 at 5:50 pm calls Rangel “A self-made man in every sense of the word”. Are you kidding me!! The man has never held a job other than sucking off the taxpayer teat. He has been in congress his whole adult life. How does he accumulate the wealth he has working on a Congressman’s salary?

    Yes, he is self-made…he used his position in congress to line his pockets and avoid taxes. It’s about time we hold those who govern to the sames laws and standards as the rest of us.

    Throw the bum out!!!