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Nice to know that the banks have cleaned up their act

A friend of mine just had a refinance closing called off for this afternoon after the underwriter came up with a specious objection. She got an email from the loan agent (who works for a major bank), suggesting that his manager would approve the loan if my friend and her lawyer would just submit a false document regarding title. Needless to say, neither friend nor lawyer would do that. But banks still will. Heavens.


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Maybe they should start stocking Depends?

Talbot’s drops earnings estimate, shares drop 24%.

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In Connecticut and elsewhere, “Green” credits are hogwash

Power generators get practically nothing, while Intel, Wholefoods and such can claim that they’re reducing their carbon footprint. “Accounting sheet mumbo-jumbo”, one disgruntled energy provider sums up.

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This is getting pretty stupid

The Wikileaks guy has been denied bail and remanded to custody. He can rot in Hell for as much as I care, but I don’t like the process. He’s charged with failing to use a condom which, in Sweden, is apparently a crime. For this we get an Interpol warrant? No bail? Crazy.


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Short China?

What do I know? But here’s a thought-provoking article on what might be an impending credit collapse.

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