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Trillions still to be lost in home value?

That’s what Zillow says. They’re looking at the national picture, not just Greenwich, but I’m sure not seeing any rebound around here.


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Well, aping Jimmy Carter for the past two years hasn’t worked out too well

 At Obama’s request, President Clinton is coming to the White House to consult and advise. Break out the cigars!


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Ice in the creek

Winter seems to have arrived, and I have reluctantly stashed away my flip flops. The GMLS has been shut down the past two days, hoping to have real estate news to report tomorrow.


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Certainly not the Pine Mattress finishing skool I remember

The Maryland bomber arrested yesterday turns out to be married to a fellow Muslim who attends Pine Manor and who supported her husband’s attempt at jihad. Ah, diversity!

His commitment to jihad caused strain in his family, the documents show. The FBI informant reported listening to Martinez during a long conversation with his mother.

“She wants me to be like everybody else, being in school, working,” Martinez told the informant. “My wife understands. … I told her I want to fight jihad. … She said she doesn’t want to stop me.”

Martinez’s Facebook page identifies his wife as Naimah Ismail-Hussain, who describes herself as a student and employee at Pine Manor College in Chestnut Hill, Mass. Attempts to reach her were not immediately successful.


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