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Madoff kids going down – is Walter Noel next?

I vant to go fishing

Madoff trustee sues Sonja Kohn for $19 billion, alleging that she was Madoff’s accomplice for twenty years. Yesterday, he filed a similar suit against the Madoff boy’s London shop. The criminal investigation is still ongoing, but we’re talking RICO violations here, and it won’t be long before Mark and Andrew Madoff find themselves in the same criminal courtroom as Sonja. And Walt? He’ll be there too, I’m guessing.

UPDATE: The WSJ reports on what’s happening with some of the defendants and victims.

She looked pretty good before all this happened


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So what, there was maybe moss on the roof?

 Landscaper injured in fall from roof over on Hunting Ridge. Cobbler, stick to your last.


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Club Road continues to impress

Brother Gideon closed on his 2.5 acre waterfront  listing today for, I think, $8 million. That’s $8 for land – the house is going down, to be replaced by a new one. I’m happy for him – now he won’t have to rob a Walmarts.


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Why should priests have all the fun?

Nun embezzled $850,000 from Iona College.

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Well at least he went for the big bucks


Christopher Fountain and friends

Four arrested for stealing $230,000 from Walmarts



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Is this man of sound mind?

From InstaPundit;

HELP ME BUBBA-WAN, YOU’RE MY ONLY HOPE! “This afternoon, President Barack Obama held a White House meeting with the last Democrat to hold that office, and the only Democrat to win re-election to that office LBJ, Bill Clinton. After the meeting, the two held a brief press conference in which Obama offered a quick introduction before turning the Q&A over to Clinton. . . . And then, an extraordinary thing happened. Obama said he had kept the First Lady waiting for half an hour, and told the press they were in ‘good hands.’ And he left the briefing. Clinton did not. The former President continued the press conference, the logo of the White House behind him in what looked like a flashback to his pre-Monica days.”

Those rumors that White House insiders are worried by Obama’s disengagement just got a lot more credible . . . .


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Just a few more hours and we’re safe for another year

We're all gonna die!

 Cancun global warming conference winds down, having accomplished nothing. And it might even end earlier, because the poor delegates are suffering in Cancun’s coldest temperatures in 100 years.

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Good news, bad news

Computer virus still causing havoc in Iran’s nuclear plants.

Iran planning to install medium-range missiles in Venezuela. Say adios, Miami.


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Sale in Riverside

64 Club Road sold yesterday for$4.3 million. I didn’t think it would sell for so much but, there you have it.


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Cancun delegates petition to ban water

These are the knowledgable people deciding the fate of the world.


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