Is Steve Cohen going down?

That’s what this article suggests. I’ll reserve judgment – as I’ve said here before, I have friends who worked for him at SAC and they universally despised him as a man, but never claimed he was a crook. Given their animosity towards the guy, you’d think they’d have been glad to add a charge of criminality to their denunciations, but they never did. Of course, Bernie Madoff was held in high respect too, but still –


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2 responses to “Is Steve Cohen going down?

  1. Anony3

    Could it just be that this is vindictive payback for Mr. Cohen’s nearly exclusive contributions to Republican candidates and PACs, jess mehbey????

    Be careful what you ask for Democrats, down the road you too might just get it.

  2. Anony3

    I take my last post back, Steve Cohen appears to be an equal opportunity corrupter scratch that I meant contributor