So why not a better rifle for all the troops?

Sniper rifle

Army is upgrading its sniper rifle, which is cool, but the average troop is still armed with an inferior weapon. Why?


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  1. prosperityfollowsdynamite


    Here is your answer:

  2. One of my brood just signed on the dotted line to join the Army Sniper Corps. Gulp.
    Link is interesting about the history of the word sniper, as well as the Army Corps.

  3. w b h

    EOSR: Please express our sincere gratitude to your soldier! Military service is a noble calling that far too many of our citizens fail to appreciate.

  4. cpu

    –Earth Ocean Sky Redux -Thank your broodling for its service!!
    USA Official standard infantry rifle. –
    1903 Springfield 1905-1937 – 32 years
    M1 Garand 1937-1957 – 20 years
    M14 – 1959-1970 – 11 years
    M16 family – 1-70 to present

    The M16 and its derivatives have been the standard US infantry rifle for much longer than any of its predecessors. Is it time for a replacement? Probably. Does it have shortcomings? Yes.

    Has it given good service in all conditions all over the world? Yes.

    Just my $.02.


  5. Fred2

    Yeah, the M16 isn’t a great rifle, but especially now it’s “product improved” and it’s nth design generation. It’s not a bad rifle but it is no better than middling.

    The AK-47 is, when built to spec, reliable. Other than that singular quality it’s not a huge prize winnner in many other categories. (Accuracy ergonomics, etc…)

    The basic problem with small arms design is that the design/engineering solution box is rigidly defined by chemistry, metallurgy/manufacturing, and physics and none of those 3 have chnaged to any appreciable extent in over 50 years. Designs from 1911 and even earlier are still functional, highly competitive and as effective. The big design innovations of the last century were “assault rifles” – small cartridge high rate of fire weapons…and that’s not an earth shattering innovation. since then…nothing. Messing around with the parameters and design ideas that have been around 100 years.

    That’s true of just about everything but processing power by the way, yes stuff has gotten incrementally better, but we went from horses and dangerous gliders in 1900, to rockets and 70mph cars and MAch3+ jets in 1950…since then ….yawn. A person frozen as an adult in 1950 and defrozen in 2010 wouldbe amazed only by computers, nothing else would really surprise them other than we’re still waiting for flying cars, floating cities and we can barely reach the moon by stupid arse rockets.

  6. pulled up in OG

    The Taliban are surely quaking in their flip-flops.