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125 Pecksland Road

Reader Anonymommy points out that this house was profiled in the Wall Street Journal today. I did not go see it today, but if the owners really did put $16 million into it, I think they were silly. It’s four acres, and the town appraises it at $8.5. That seems about right to me.


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Serial killer on the loose

On Long Island, fortunately, not here.

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Questions I hadn’t troubled myself with, yet

Which sudden celeb split bothers you most?


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Maybe we just let them go their way

They whip their women for wearing pants, decapitate little girls for daring to go to school and blow themselves up to kill infidels. Let’s get the hell out of the Muslim world and let them have at it. But let’s not let them on our airplanes or our country.


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Pigs at the trough

$1.1 trillion spending bill, plus the new tax bill with its ethanol subsidies and God knows what else, the Republicans should just go home for the holidays and come back next year to sort all this out. Unfortunately, that pig in the middle is a Republican himself. Say you want a revolution …


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We don’ want no stinkin’ jobs!

LA bans entry-level jobs by refusing fast food restaurants, while NYC hits Walmart’s. Buy over-priced goods at bodegas, damn you!

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Forgive my naivety

What does a thief do with $2 million in gambling chips? They’re only good at the issuing casino, right? And that institution keeps track of its winners, so, how do you cash these in? I’m not familiar with casinos, so I’m sure I’m missing something here – just curious.


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