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Mare, of course: nothing queer about old Featherstone

But will you still respect me in the morning?

Punchline to an old English joke. Closer to home, man convicted of having sex with a miniature horse. Bad boy.


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Is Al Gore in England?

Worst blizzard in 100 years to hit Britain.


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Portrait of a hero

Here’s the cop who shot that gunman in Florida. I still like the school board member who returned to attack the gunman “to save my guys”, but this fellow is pretty impressive too.


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A taste of things to come?

Wisconsin Demmerkrats stunned when their own leader votes against union contracts.

Stunned Democrats stripped Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker of his leadership position after he abruptly turned on them and voted against new contracts for state workers.

The deals looked all but dead after Decker’s about-face late Wednesday night. Senate Democrats planned to reconvene at 10 a.m. Thursday, but they can’t approve the contracts without the Weston Democrat’s support.

Democrats and union leaders said Decker never hinted he wasn’t with them.

Wisconsin State Employees Union executive director Marty Beil lashed out at Decker, calling him “a whore” for siding with Republicans who opposed the contracts.


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Is RBS closing its doors?

They have a great big new building in Stamford, but they seem to have stopped lending money, which I thought was a bank’s purpose.

For example, printers John Watson of Glasgow ended a nearly 190-year relationship with RBS because the bank refused to support the firm’s humble expansion plans, less than $5 million in funding for a new printing press, yet paid out massive bonuses.

Allied Irish Bank is also leaving Scotland, and insiders says RBS has stopped recruiting.

Rats leaving the ship and taking the cheese with them?

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Gob smacked

247 Riverside Avenue

I will now acknowledge that the market has escaped me. This house on Riverside Avenue came on 45 days ago asking $5.6 million, which, to me, was absurd. Similar houses sold for $3.8 at the height of the market and I couldn’t imagine anyone being dumb enough to pay anything close to this one’s price. It’s under contract today.


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