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Want to save money? Just fire every other state employee

We’ll never miss them. Two men save deer from drowing in icy river and are ticketed by game warden for not wearing life preservers.

“We had oars and shovels to break the ice, for the deer to get out,” Abusakran said.

But in the excited aftermath of the rescue, a natural resources police officer on the scene wrote both men a ticket.

“And he didn’t say anything,” Jim Hart said. “We went in and out of the water numerous times.  He didn’t stop us at all.”

They say they were ticketed for not wearing life vests, although both are over the age for mandatory use of flotation devices.

“No, we didn’t have vests on, but we’re not 16 years old,” Abusakran said. “There were personal floating devices on the boat.”

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Did the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy tip Bradley Manning over the edge?

Bradley Manning

One look at Bradley Manning,the PFC who downloaded 250,000 cables to Wikileaks, tells you he’s a Nancy Boy. A Marine I was  chatting with at a gun shop last week told me he had the same recognition, and wondered whether the kid had struck out because of the DADT policy.

Neither the Marine nor I think gays should be barred from the military. Just get rid of the stupid DADT rule and for crissikes, keep PFC’s from access to confidential material.


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Mortgage rates rise – will that push prices lower?

Probably not, says the WSJ. Of course, being arrested for insider trading will probably reduce a person’s buying power but ….


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Tod's Point guard house, Christmas Day

Blizzard running out to sea. Al Gore must be out there offshore on that yacht of his.


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Short sale frustrations

I just learned today that one short sale proposal of mine will not be responded to by the lender until “maybe mid-January, but probably sometime in February”. The bank’s been sitting on our offer for at least two, and I think three months. So it goes.

And I had the happy occasion to travel to Danbury today to attend a mediation session concerning a spec house whose developer long ago ran out of money. The house sits unfinished and surely the bank doesn’t want to take it back and pour another million into finishing it, yet we’ve gotten nowhere in 18 months. So today I kind of invited myself into the session and hand delivered a signed copy of the same third-party purchaser’s contract that the bank has been ignoring since October.

Will that work? I doubt it, but at least the mediator is now aware that there’s a bona fide offer out there, and it may affect his recommendation.


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Here’s a stocking stuffer

Madoff Trustee recovers $7.2 billion from just one “investor”.


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A little bit of year-end activity

128 Butternut Hollow

This bank-owned failed spec project, asking $3.925, sold for $2.7 million. That’s more than I expected but I guess someone decided it was a bargain. Assessment was $2.898

38 Grahampton, which sold for $4.325 in 2006 and was asking $4.999 this year, sold for $3.7

240 Riverside Avenue is reported as pending. Asking price was $3.245.


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