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Russian and Jewish? Get the hell out of there

It will never end and in fact, it’s boiling up again. This is Germany, 1933, as the temperature rises. Go, now.


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English idiots

Hundreds of thousands of flyers delayed while England figures out what do with snow on its runways.

My father had many tales of bureaucratic buffoonery but one of his favorites was the man in charge of equipment on the LIRR back in the thirties. After it hadn’t snowed for three years, the fellow decided it would never snow again, and sold off the railroad’s snow-clearing equipment. Of course the next year saw a record snowfall and the LIRR was shut down for weeks until the snow melted. Sounds like that guy’s son moved to England.


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Rape on the high school bus

Boys on boys. Gives a new meaning to “tight end”. What’s wrong with these kids?


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“Republicans” block illegal immigrant bill

So far as I know, the Demmerkrats control the Senate, so what’s their problem?


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The next Bernie Madoff?

Con artist says he’s sorry to have lied to Harvard. We’ll be hearing more from this guy, I predict.

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