Fortunately for us, she’s teaching in the Bronx

27-year-old New Canaan resident and Bronx teacher busted for D.U.I. while cruising for drugs. She was driving a rental car because she’s totalled two cars in the past month.


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7 responses to “Fortunately for us, she’s teaching in the Bronx

  1. Gmom

    So Greenwich teachers can’t afford to live in the area but a Bronx teacher can afford New Canaan?

  2. JRH

    Someone lives with their parents….

  3. Anonymous

    Very sad that a young teacher’s life got screwed up by such a dumb act.. Kinda reminds me of the incident a few years ago when a young teacher at Greenwich Academy panicked after she realized that she had mistakenly signed her own name to the receipt of a purchase that she had made with a stolen credit card at a store in Rye and then was caught attempting to torch the store in order to destroy the evidence.

  4. peeps

    If she has tenure, they’ll just get a long-term sub and let her use her sick days while in rehab, then come back to her job. Sure hope rehab works because she has many years ahead of her to get through. If she doesn’t have tenure, then there’s a job opening for some lucky teacher-hopeful.

  5. heimreich

    but for the grace of god……….

  6. Anonymous

    any relation to the head football coach in NC?