I wanna live in the Sierra Nevadas

Ten feet of snow!


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6 responses to “I wanna live in the Sierra Nevadas

  1. Peg

    Gee; feel like we are pikers here now with our mere 2 feet 😦

  2. Maximus

    Snow is nice to look at, but who needs it. I’ll take the beach any day.

  3. Anonymous

    mammoth mountain, ca, 600 inches of snow in an average year.

    powder day !!

  4. CF: there’s likely going to be a house available on Mustique…….
    This is an old video but it’s priceless. Background/context: A documentary by Britain’s Channel 4 called “The Man Who Bought Mustique” gives insight into where The Walter Noels shack up during the holidays…..a highlight reel, taken from the hour-long documentary…….. Colin Tennant, founder the Mustique Company, is no fan of newer Mustique residents. Tennant spent $200,000 to erect a special tent to rent out, only to have the Mustique co-op board kibosh this plan. Walter Noel, a member of the island’s co-op board, denies any knowledge of that vote, as does wife Monica. This has Tennant hopping mad.

  5. Anonymous

    Dude –
    I would like you to live in the Sierra Nevadas as well.
    Your Pal,