Should we have an elected BET?

Right now, six Demmerkrats and six Republicans comprise the Board of Estimate and Taxation, even though Demmerkrats are a tiny percentage of town voters. The Republicans want to change this; the Demmerkrats, not surprisingly, oppose the notion.

It probably will never happen – one Demmerkrat on the BET would have to vote his party out of power – but maybe a charter revision is in order.


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2 responses to “Should we have an elected BET?

  1. George W. Crossman

    I don’t think it would make much difference. Most of the Repubs in this town are more liberal than Minnesota Democrats (excluding the Wellstonians). Lots of BOE Repubs are RINOs.

  2. Gmom

    What voters want is a choice between candidates for each party. For example, if there are 6 Democrat (or Republican) seats up for election, give us at least 9 candidates so the voters can choose between them. The issue is that the parties effectively elect who fills the seats (BET and BOE) and never give the average voter a choice. The actual election is a joke after the parties pick their candidates. I have no problem with evenly split boards – I do have a problem with never having a choice of who fills them. As an independent, I don’t want to join either party’s committee and I want to be able to vote for the best candidates (from both parties) on election day and have my vote matter.