Things are getting tough up there on Rogues Hill Road

(Brought back by popular demand)

From the Police Blotter:

• Jeffrey Richard Stewart, 55, of 104 Round Hill Road, was arrested and charged Sunday with shoplifting a $34.55 steak from Whole Foods Market on East Putnam Avenue. He posted $250 cash bond and is scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Stamford on Dec. 20.


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15 responses to “Things are getting tough up there on Rogues Hill Road

  1. And that was probably the CHEAPEST steak at WF. No A-1 in his back pocket?
    Go Giants.

  2. Red

    And apparently there was an attempted strangulation in the parking lot at Greenwich Country Club (after hours, of course). What’s this town coming to?

  3. Joe

    It’s easy to mock guys like Mr. Stewart, (not saying you are), but what if he stole it for his hungry chicks at home. But does that justify it? Probably not. Either case, that should be a damn good steak at $250.

  4. vitabrevis

    A $34.55 steak from Whole Foods? Must’ve been small enough to fit in his jeans pocket!

  5. Old School Grump

    Red, I also noticed that police blotter entry about the attempted strangulation. I figure the players are people who work there, and were stuck really late because of some party they had to serve at, and it brought out the worst in them (as it would in me).

  6. Libertarian Advocate


  7. Anonymous

    EOS and vitabrevis: you two obviously aren’t familiar with WF or any prime meat prices. My estimate is that this piece of meat is at most a one and one-quarter pound piece of dry-aged porterhouse. And well-priced at that.

  8. Factchecker

    Um, excuse me but are you sure his name isn’t actually Richard S Jeffrey? There is a Richard S Jeffrey listed at 104 Round Hill Road. Maybe the reporter accidentally transcribed the names on the police form (maybe the form started with “Last name” or “Surname” and the reporter thought Jeffrey was his first name. ) I think you should investigate this, because I’ve seen this before– the reporter gets the street name wrong or something, because the person being arrested has given the police a fake address.

  9. dogwalker

    And the Apple Store was just robbed! Lordy! It’s not safe to go on Greenwich Avenue anymore. (No problem, I’m rarely there anyway.)

  10. Red

    Factchecker, you have blown my mind with that excellent theory.

  11. Old School Grump

    Wow, Factchecker, you are right, as Red noted. Plus–bonus points!–Richard Jeffrey Stewart is one trifecta of a name. The three can be scrambled into any sequence and be a completely plausible combo of first name, middle name and surname. Plus there are multiple plausible spellings of Jeffrey and Stewart. If this guy is motivated to play his cards a certain way, he could elude “the authorities” for a good long time.

    However, we have nowhere near enough info to even speculate here. No, you can’t compare him to Louis Winthorpe III, smuggling a knicked slab of smoked salmon away under his greasy Santa costume beard! At least, not yet.

  12. Red

    I am familiar with the now-unscrambled meat felon. My guess is that he ran into Whole Foods for a last-minute item, saw a long line at the checkout, got frustrated, and decided he should not have to endure the inconvenience of waiting. Let that be a lesson to us all, the next time we are stuck in a slow grocery line.

  13. So Greenwich

    Heard Toub is now shopping at Syms…maybe they have an xpress check out for him and he can pass that on to Mr. Whatever his name is.