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More on that coyote

Andy Moore has sent me a number of photographs of the coyote he espied at the OGRCC building (that would be Eckman Center for long-term residents), but I’m having trouble uploading them. Check back tomorrow, when I’ll have the problem licked, but this is definitely one big dog.  It’s really cool, in a way, but I understand why the parent of  a small child might want to carry a shotgun. These guys are not your small western cayotes. They’re coyotes on steroids.


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This sounds encouraging

UConn names new president. UConn’s a good school that’s been getting better and better. This woman sounds like she has the experience and talent to keep that progress going.

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Damn that Joel Kaye!

He never mentioned to me that his daughter Dara is a Fulbright Scholar. Joel may be a most excellent real estate lawyer, but what are friends for if not to celebrate a child’s success?


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Who’s tougher than a Navy SEAL?

Too funny,in view of yesterday’s Senate vote. My girls were just down for tea and the conversation turned to a young man we know who has served at least two tours of duty as a Navy Seal.  Katie has another friend who is still in training for that corp, having survived cuts from 350 to 130, but still, only 30 will make it. I mentioned the other fellow and she said matter of factly, “yeah, and he’s gay”. She’d know – she grew up with him – but wouldn’t it be a loss if our country lost his service? I think so.  By the way, I think the current generation is far more comfortable with all this than mine is. I’m no fan of political correctness, but I do think the acceptance of homosexuals is an improvement over what they faced growing up in the 60s.


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Mission creep

Homeland Security wants to recruit Coast Guard into battle against global warming. You can’t fight a bureaucracy piecemeal. The only answer is to abolish entire departments, starting with Homeland Security, continuing through the Department of Education and the Energy Department, then taking a breath and seeing who to attack next. The Department of Agriculture comes to mind as a likely target.

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Do you rememeber when Obummer promised “science without politics”?

Well, neither does he. But engine makes are suing his D.E.P., claiming, accurately, that the latest mandate to boost ethanol content to 15% is going to ruin cars, lawn mowers, boats, you name it. Everyone knows that the 10% mandate was a complete flop, saving no gasoline and merely increasing costs to consumers. Congress’s response? Add another $5 billion in subsidies and increase the ethanol content 50%.


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The triumph of hope over experience

Second marriages – why bother?


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Tough times for office parties

Greenwich Association of Realtors Christmas Party

Greenwich is cutting back on office parties. 


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“I take full responsibility” means what, exactly?

Giant’s coach Tom Coughlin said that after yesterday’s dismal loss, but I’ll bet he doesn’t resign – they never do. Responsibility without consequences is no responsibility at all. Might as well be politicians. My personal opinion is that any coach who orders a “prevent defense” should be dragged to the center of the field and executed. I’ve been watching football since I was maybe 8, and these prevent defenses always – always! – lead to disaster – so what tapes are these coaches watching?


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Coyote at the Civic Center

Photo by Andy Moore

So says Greenwich Time and this photo by resident Andy Moore seems to prove it. I reported that I’d seen one here on our seawall a few weeks so I’m not surprised, but check out the size of this big boy: shows the result of inter-breeding with wolves as western coyotes made their way back east.

I’m not all that sure we want wolf-sized predators hanging out in Rosa Hartman Park, but I guess we have them regardless. Maybe we should open a varmint season?

UPDATE: A couple of readers have questioned whether this is really a photograph of a coyote and I tend to agree with them – pretty sure it’s an actual wolf.

UPDATE II: island Surveyor says, not so fast:

The tags attached to the photo indicate it was taken by a Nikon D90 at 1pm on Dec 18, 2010.

Sun angles agree.

Genes are genes, and a wolf-hybrid will tend to look like, well, a wolf.


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YMCA going down?

A reader writes to say that there’s a rumor going around town that the bankrupt YMCA is going to be sold to private interests. He included a copy of the original 1916 deed of gift from Rebecca Witherell who donated the land and built the present building. There’s a condition clause in that deed that implies that the building must be used as she intended, but I suspect a good lawyer could find a way around it.

So, is the rumour true? I’ve heard it myself and the Y is most definitely in serious trouble with its lenders. I’m aware of some work-out talks that would keep the Y the Y, but that doesn’t mean it will happen. Stay tuned.


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