Coyote at the Civic Center

Photo by Andy Moore

So says Greenwich Time and this photo by resident Andy Moore seems to prove it. I reported that I’d seen one here on our seawall a few weeks so I’m not surprised, but check out the size of this big boy: shows the result of inter-breeding with wolves as western coyotes made their way back east.

I’m not all that sure we want wolf-sized predators hanging out in Rosa Hartman Park, but I guess we have them regardless. Maybe we should open a varmint season?

UPDATE: A couple of readers have questioned whether this is really a photograph of a coyote and I tend to agree with them – pretty sure it’s an actual wolf.

UPDATE II: island Surveyor says, not so fast:

The tags attached to the photo indicate it was taken by a Nikon D90 at 1pm on Dec 18, 2010.

Sun angles agree.

Genes are genes, and a wolf-hybrid will tend to look like, well, a wolf.


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16 responses to “Coyote at the Civic Center

  1. Need people to speak out

    I’m quite sure it’s not a good idea to have potentially aggressive and dangerous animals (e.g., Rye incidents this summer where both children adults were victims of unprovoked attacks) staring at the play field next to the civic center in broad daylight– as well as walking around our most built-up residential streets. Members of the community that agree this is a problem NEED TO SPEAK UP to town officials, many of whom believe there is not enough of a strong enough public opinion that calls for action.

  2. dogwalker

    There were a number of sightings in downtown about a month ago. From those I consider absolutely reliable witnesses, I heard of one crossing Julian Curtiss School property and one strolling down Lexington Avenue! Handmade signs were posted in the area claiming there were three spotted.

    Before this, the closest they had been was Bruce Park.

  3. Leatrice fountain

    Looks more like a wolf to me.

  4. The Word

    If that photo is really from Greenwich, then it seems to me that there are multiple reasons for legitimate concern. First, as you mentioned, the size of the damn thing. Second, that it is out and about in full daylight without any obvious signs of rabies. Third, that its sat there long enough for a nice photo to be taken and seemed to be completely unconcerned about the presence of the photographer. I contrast this to the behavior of truly wild wolves which I’ve encountered on hunting trips (in the Yukon and in Colorado) which won’t get anywhere near people.

    Our pal Instapundit has been on this beat for years, and the book he always recommends is “The Beast in the Garden” by David Baron, about the predatory killing of a high school cross-country athlete by a mountain lion in Colorado.

    Welcome back to the food chain!

  5. We see coyotes all the time in the backwoods of Bedford. I live near the Mianus Gorge Preserve and Mark Weckel, the director of research and land management at MGP speaks all the time about this subject. He and others spoke earlier this year at Pace, a public forum called ‘Coyotes in Suburbia’. Below is a Port Chester Patch article but the link to the forum seems to go to a log-in page. I image Weckel and team could be hired to speak to other towns as it is a subject that brings about alot of fear, and misinformation.

  6. Cobra

    The coyote in the photo looks somewhat bigger than the one that lives in the woods adjoining our property. One positive of having our canine neighbor is that the number of deer sauntering through our property has decreased meaningfully since he/she first appeared a few years ago.

  7. Gmom

    I wonder if any wildlife experts have examined the photo – I agree that the animal looks more like a wolf then a coyote.

  8. The tags attached to the photo indicate it was taken by a Nikon D90 at 1pm on Dec 18, 2010.

    Sun angles agree.

    Genes are genes, and a wolf-hybrid will tend to look like, well, a wolf.

  9. send the photo to the people at the Gorge. They will tell you what it is.
    Mark Weckel; Dir. of Research & Land Management –

  10. I took that photo as well as @ 8 others as the coyote walked past me. I was standing near the maintenance sheds behind the playground looking east toward Stamford. I agree that it was larger than most coyotes I have seen in that area…at first I thought it was a German Shepard when I spotted it walking across the field from the cat tails. It was walking slowly like a dog would, not running scared like the coyotes I usually see. When I drove behind the civic center and got close, he or she didn’t run too far, maybe 50 yards from where I was standing. I was with my two labs and he didn’t seem to scared of us. I’ll send the other photos to the e-mail and see what they say. If anyone wants to see the other photos, post your e-mail and I’ll send or contact me directly at


  11. Oh gee

    We were driving down Forest Avenue around 8:45 last night and this coyote/wolf darted in front of our car. It definitely looked like a wolf. I think I saw this same guy in the Innis parking lot last month. Don’t wolves travel alone and coyotes in packs?