Damn that Joel Kaye!

He never mentioned to me that his daughter Dara is a Fulbright Scholar. Joel may be a most excellent real estate lawyer, but what are friends for if not to celebrate a child’s success?


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2 responses to “Damn that Joel Kaye!

  1. I find it utterly remarkable that this generation of kids want to have so much moral satisfaction in what they do post-college. And they succeed. Look how many start companies that give aid to women and children in Africa. Look how many do Teach for America. Look at CF’s two who picked fruit in California or counted insects in the Amazon. I don’t know if that comes as a direct link to the luxury afforded by their parents who help them financially in their efforts to do good or if it’s more important for the kids to be satisfied morally before financially solvent on their own…..in any event, three cheers to this young woman. The only thing I can see that Dara Kaye missed out on: she didn’t get asked to leave Colorado Woman’s College!!! 🙂

  2. Well, I haven’t managed to found an NGO in Africa, but I have just started a pretty neat small project here. My goal is to buy 3 desktop computers for the kids at the orphanage where I volunteer in Korea. Check http://koreakids.webs.com/ for info, pics, stories, and more!