Do you rememeber when Obummer promised “science without politics”?

Well, neither does he. But engine makes are suing his D.E.P., claiming, accurately, that the latest mandate to boost ethanol content to 15% is going to ruin cars, lawn mowers, boats, you name it. Everyone knows that the 10% mandate was a complete flop, saving no gasoline and merely increasing costs to consumers. Congress’s response? Add another $5 billion in subsidies and increase the ethanol content 50%.


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4 responses to “Do you rememeber when Obummer promised “science without politics”?

  1. FlyAngler

    Come on Chris, you are such a party pooper in your desire to put another hundred thousand miles on that long-in-the-tooth car of yours.*

    Seriously, the faster they either kill, incapacitate or otherwise force folks to buy new cars the faster they will help Government Motors rehabilitate. Also, the faster they will foster the conversion of all those pollution belchers to nice hybrids or electrics.

    Viva le Green Revolution! (anyone who can correct that, please do)

    * Full disclosure, I have no idea what Chris’ wheels might be but I can guess it is neither new, shiny nor fuel efficient. Just a guess…..

  2. heimriech

    why sue the dep??

    have another one on me pal.

  3. gwchase

    BoatUS has been working against the increase to 15% ethanol for some time, as the present 10% caused a lot of problems with fuel tanks on older vessels. Makes no sense and the first government department in need of “restructuring” is EPA!
    Merry Christmas to all, and Chris – keep up the good work.