“I take full responsibility” means what, exactly?

Giant’s coach Tom Coughlin said that after yesterday’s dismal loss, but I’ll bet he doesn’t resign – they never do. Responsibility without consequences is no responsibility at all. Might as well be politicians. My personal opinion is that any coach who orders a “prevent defense” should be dragged to the center of the field and executed. I’ve been watching football since I was maybe 8, and these prevent defenses always – always! – lead to disaster – so what tapes are these coaches watching?


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8 responses to ““I take full responsibility” means what, exactly?

  1. Chinatown

    What a freakin disaster! Where was the coaching for the last seven minutes? Why does a dog killer get to destroy big blue? I would rather see a reformed drug dealer do it. Coughlin should go to Mass 2x a day instead of 1x.

  2. Fake Walt

    I can honestly say that in all the years of watching the Giants I have never been more embarassed by such a total and utter collapse. Although the loss against the 49ers in the playoffs all those years ago was a horrible moment, and losing the SuperBowl the way we did to the Ravens was terrible, I still think this hurts even worse. The fact that it was the hated Eagles, Michael Vick, Desaun Jackson and the rest of the dirty birds, that they have owned us for 3 years now just makes me sick to my stomach. Too be so dominate and in control for 52 minutes and then to just give the game away (which was hard to do) the way that we did, with such a complete and total failure in every sense of the game just ripped my heart out. I feel like strahan hit it on the nose in the post game show, he said that when you see vick takeover you start to become a spectator and forget your a participant. Im already tired of pointing fingers, the only thing positive I can take from this game is that if we can make the playoffs and play 60 minutes we can beat anyone! I know this is the most despicable lost ever and I really almost shed a tear over it but we cant stop fighting we just need next weeks game and we have new life. I will always bleed blue, and have not given up on this season, but this is the most disappointed I think I have ever been in my team. As hard as it was for me to even breathe after the loss, I can still build the strength to say lets Go Giants!

    Off to the nearest watering hole

    Kind regards,

    Fake Walt

  3. Phil Grimm

    Where’s Joe Pisarcik now that we need him?

  4. anony

    “I take full responsibility” is as meaningless as financial firms saying “we are fully cooperating with the SEC in their investigation,” as if they have a choice.

  5. Greenwich Gal

    Quit your cryin’! The Giants were overtaken by superior talent pure and simple. Eli is a nice boy and all and has a good arm, but he is no Micheal Vick. And watching DeSean Jackson run is truly a thing of beauty.

  6. Too funny. Personally, I don’t give a sh*t about the Giants. I’m a Jets fan because my son is a Jets fan and it makes him happy to have me root for his team — I am nothing if not a loyal mother.

    The Jets, of course, are having their own troubles, summed up by a single phrase my son posted to his Facebook:

    “Brett Schottenheimer can suck my left nut.”

    Not bad for a kid born well after General MacAuliffe’s “Nuts!” at the Battle of the Bulge.

  7. Greenwich Gal

    Delving Eye – Speaking of the Jets and other things of beauty – MARK SANCHEZ! But as my husband reminds me…”He could call you mama.” Long Sigh…

  8. The Duke of Deception

    The Jets suck and will always suck.

    Rex Ryan is a d’bag.