More on that coyote

Andy Moore has sent me a number of photographs of the coyote he espied at the OGRCC building (that would be Eckman Center for long-term residents), but I’m having trouble uploading them. Check back tomorrow, when I’ll have the problem licked, but this is definitely one big dog.  It’s really cool, in a way, but I understand why the parent of  a small child might want to carry a shotgun. These guys are not your small western cayotes. They’re coyotes on steroids.


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10 responses to “More on that coyote

  1. not so anonymous

    they look more wolf than coyote..

  2. I found this 2008 article online but the comments section is current through last week, residents of all parts of CT spotting the gray wolf. Worth reading.
    I’ll call the Gorge this morning to see what they say re the Andy Moore photos.

  3. FYI: I just called the Gorge and was told Mark is on vacation until after Christmas. I asked if he might check his email while he is away, I got a “likely not” answer.

  4. xyzzy

    I think the coyote walked all over my back porch in Old Greenwich. We had strange prints in the snow and after comparing them to Racoon we settled on Coyote.
    Looked a lot like this

  5. This just in from Mianus Gorge:

    Hello I.S.,

    It’s a coyote in its winter fur.
    A very nice picture.

    Mark Weckel
    Dir. of Research & Land Management

  6. IDAHO

    I wonder what a coyote pelt is worth, I can remember when they were about $75.00.

  7. IDAHO

    Up date $59.99 on Amazon ( tanned,slightly damaged)

  8. IDAHO

    I know that some won’t like it but chasing them with a snowmobile till they tire enables you to put a hole in them that doesn’t ruin the hide. This method works great in the wheatland. Used to be someone who would buy them whole in Spokane.

  9. Anonymous

    Did you ever get those pictures to post? I’m bewildered. 😦