The triumph of hope over experience

Second marriages – why bother?


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12 responses to “The triumph of hope over experience

  1. Pete

    3rd time was a charm for me

  2. We have a few friends who cohabitate at age 60+, not wanting to get legally hitched. Second marriage gets complicated in terms of home ownership, estate planning, children, etc. I don’t see cohabitation any less honorable as marriage as long as the commitment is strong, and permanent.

    The second marriage that got all the hoopla this weekend is the one profiled in the Vows section of Sunday’s Times. A couple who fell in love with each other while married to others. In itself nothing new, but to take that story and plaster it in the Styles section, talking about how you left your spouse…. not too cool. 150+ people came down hard on this egotistical couple by commenting on the Times website – how oblivious the couple must be not to understand that they left behind two hurting former spouses. An equal number wanted to know what the NYT was thinking by even interviewing these two! It’s not that they got remarried, it’s the fact they flaunted it. Bad taste. I give them two years before he finds another newer younger woman.

  3. Cobra

    Fourth for me…20+ years and counting.

  4. Inagua


    The epidemic of narcissism is one of the more depressing features of recent years. I blame Mr. Rodgers.

  5. CF might blame Bush, or Gore!
    Inagua, in case I don’t get a another chance this week, Merry Christmas from our house to yours.

  6. Inagua

    Right back at you and Mr. EOS. It is a pleasure to read your posts.

    • I love all my commentators, but EOS is especially cool. That’s why I jumped overboard in defending her against JHR, even though I knew he wasn’t really attacking her. Over-protective? Yes.

  7. Jack Martin

    Second time for me and just celebrated 20 years.

  8. CF: Hold on to that lovely thought. You might not like what I just said in the Navy Seal thread!! 🙂

  9. Libertarian Advocate

    Inagua: You really don’t keep up with the news do you? Narcissism has been officially de-listed as a personality disorder. See,

    Could it be because its incurable so health insurers won’t pay for the treatment?

  10. Greenwich Gal

    Wow, it is just a regular love fest over here! ‘Tis the season…Merry Christmas everyone…

  11. fred

    what is the definition of insane?????????? doing the same things over again and expecting different results