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Too bad

Madoff millionaire

Madoff secretary who pulled $14,5 million from the scam is jailed after failing to raise bond. Okay with me.


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What I said

Heathrow Airport is shut down by a mere 5″ of snow because they forgot they were an airport. What, snow? It will never snow in England again!

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Cry me a river

All you can eat at the Pilots’ Grill

Majority of investment bankers dissatisfied with their bonuses. I quit working for Greenwich resident Nick Ohnell  to go to law school (stupid move) and emerged three years later earning $8,000 less that I was with Nick. My ” bonus” that first year with Eaton, Peabody, Bradford and Vaque  was dinner for two at the Pilots’ Grill in Bangor. Nancy and I were just hungry enough to use the damn gift card, but I sure missed Nick.


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Sale prices reported

487 North Street

487 North Street, that beautiful 1909 (?) house across from Dingletown on 14 acres, has sold for $12 million. It originally asked $23.5, which was a laugh, but there are a number of lots that can be carved out of this carcass and the house itself, while in dire need of renovation, is fabulous. Too bad it’s not still 1909, before car and truck traffic, and too bad this lot is going to be sacrificed, but what you gonna do?

11 Maher Avenue

11 Maher Ave, asked $2.550 in 2008, sold for $1.625. appraised at $993.

16 Wyngate Raod, asked $2.3, sold for $1.565, appraised at $1.390.

There’s also a new listing that is not only wildly overpriced, it’s owned by a crazy person who has already sued two previous brokers. Why would anyone take such a listing?


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This will solve global warming

Ice age coming


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More on Dara Kaye

From Korea:

Well, I haven’t managed to found an NGO in Africa, but I have just started a pretty neat small project here. My goal is to buy 3 desktop computers for the kids at the orphanage where I volunteer in Korea. Check http://koreakids.webs.com/ for info, pics, stories, and more!


You can pay me to hunt coyotes in Rosa Hartman Park or send a modest contribution to Dara’s project. Me, I’d send some bucks to Dara, but it’d be fun to go hunt coyotes.

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