Cry me a river

All you can eat at the Pilots’ Grill

Majority of investment bankers dissatisfied with their bonuses. I quit working for Greenwich resident Nick Ohnell  to go to law school (stupid move) and emerged three years later earning $8,000 less that I was with Nick. My ” bonus” that first year with Eaton, Peabody, Bradford and Vaque  was dinner for two at the Pilots’ Grill in Bangor. Nancy and I were just hungry enough to use the damn gift card, but I sure missed Nick.


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8 responses to “Cry me a river

  1. Anon E. Moose

    Bosses pay their employees bonuses to keep them as employees. This has the benefit of keeping them earning money for their boss, and also of preventing them from eating their boss’ lunch as or for a competitor. The problem ex ante, is that a boss doesn’t know with a great degree of certainty which employee is most dangerous, so he has to feed them all until each is satisfied. The one with the largest appetite is usually the greatest threat.

  2. shoeless

    Come on, Chris! These bankers work hard for your money.

  3. nick ohnell

    Obviously the folks at Eaton, Peabody were smarter than me. Or more likely your skills waned after leaving us. Merry Christmas and I’m glad you you only sort of matured.

  4. Not all IBers are dissatisfied. I went to a party in Greenwich today (slumming it), given by a friend whose hubby is one of the real-deal fat cats. The conversation at some point turned to private chefs. One young wife of a partner asked me if we bring our chef to Rhode Island. Her eyes bulged when I told her I go everywhere with the family. I don’t think she could handle knowing that we don’t have a driver and that I iron my own clothes.

  5. anonymous

    Yeah, but who does the house cleaning? That’s the true testament???

  6. House cleaner, cook, bill payer, laundress, blogger, mom, daughter, sister, friend…and most importantly, wife, to the greatest man on earth. Life is good.

    While I have you Chris, Merry Christmas to you, your mom, your daughters, Nancy, the two new cats, and your siblings. I’m shutting down the computer for the rest of the week and wanted to take a second to let you know how much I appreciate all your hard work here. Your readers are sure a devoted flock (some a little loony) but what a compliment to you that they hang around day after day after day…after day. Here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2011.

    EOS and the Mr.