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Mother of the year

Mommy makes kid give up  his toy gun.

Like Taking Candy From a Baby
The Boston Globe reports from Providence, R.I., on “the annual Toy Gun Bash,” run by the state attorney general, Patrick Lynch:

Malik Hall, a round-eyed second-grader, looked apprehensive as he stood in line with his favorite toy, a thick, blue gun with plastic sword underneath the muzzle. The 8-year-old was furious when his mother, Amanda, told him he would have to give it up. Yesterday morning, he tried to hide it under his pillow, she said.

“I’m worried,” she said. “He might cry.”

But when it was his turn, Malik strode dry-eyed and with quiet dignity to the Bash-O-Matic and fed it the gun. When his mother approached, he said nothing.

“You don’t want to talk to me?” Hall asked. He looked at her stonily


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Teacher of the year

Dell Lynn Woodside

Teacher has 13-year-old boy arrested for using permanent marker on paper that bled onto desk. I hope that our “Stimulus Fund” didn’t save this idiot her job.


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I miss Watertown, New York

Pal Nancy’s parents lived there and it was wonderful to encounter 10′ drifts. Here’s a story about Syracuse, some 50 miles south – if they’re getting hammered, Watertown must be a winter wonderland.


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Aged firewood in one month? I don’t think so.

But that’s what this guy claims. I’m dubious. When I lived in Maine, I’d buy a truck load of 20′ logs and buck them into stove-lengths, split them and stack them into a bee hive pile. Six months was about right (up to two years for red oak) though I sometimes made a plastic greenhouse affair to raise the temperature and speed things up. But one month? Nah.

These days, I rely on Brian Krois – Riverside (203) 496-1241 Bkrois@optonline.net. Great wood, all properly aged, and a full measure, every time.



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Mickey Sherman off to the pokey

He filed tax returns, but didn’t pay the tax. I’m not sure how that merits a year in jail – the IRS knew what he owed because he told them, and therefore could, sooner or later, collect, but high-profile people are targets.

Second thought: Talk about stupid – the feds are putting Mickey into jail, where what do you think he’s going to do? Write appeals for every prisoner in the joint, that’s what. He’ll still be a celebrity, but he’s going to bollox up the system big time. And good for him.


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I’m trying to contact her about this bridge I have for sale

Spanish woman claims ownership of the sun.


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How ethanol destroys your engine

And remember, any car with fuel injection (any car built after 1980, that is), can’t use “oxygenated” gas.“But, but”, says Ed Krumeich, “this must be good for us because it’s mandated by the EPA!”. And I thought lawyers were taught to be skeptical of authority.


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Oh, come on!

Hey Dude, do I have a deal for you!

Yesterday, 487 North Street, 14 acres and a dilapidated mansion, sold for $12 million. Today, it’s back on the market asking $18 million. The trouble with out-of-towners is that they think Greenwich people are stupid.


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25 Pleasant Street

This Cos Cob home, asking $995,000 (and assessed at $640,000) has found a buyer and is reported today as under contract. Good for the seller, and I’m sure it’s an excellent house, but I wonder if it wouldn’t have sold sooner (it’s been listed since August) had the owner not insisted on “pre-approval” of buyers and an agent accompanying showing rule. Pleasant Street’s a marvelous neighborhood but it isn’t, last time I looked, Belle Haven.

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Year-end sales

29 Sheephill Rd

Sold for $755,000 in ’05, expanded and renovated, sold yesterday for $775,000. Assessment, $801.000.

50 Sumner Rd. Contemporary on 5.6 acres, assessed at $2.369, sold for $1.650.


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Well, every house is different but…

290 Riverside Ave

I sold this house in 2007 for $3.8 million. It resold yesterday for $2.8 – hey, sorry, Nokia. What astonishes me is that 247 Riverside Ave, a comparable house in size and, I think, finishing, is under contract at somewhere around $5.6 million. Even assuming that the finish details are superior, can it be worth 2X as much? Apparently. Go figure.

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Tossing out her late husband’s ashes?

Wrongful foreclosure claims rising as volume steps up. Gee, just off the top of my head, I can see claims for trespass, burglary, theft and deliberate infliction of emotional harm. This should be a fun law suit.


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We fund this stuff why?

Your tax dollars at work

UN meeting suspended when sewer pipe breaks I couldn’t care less about the incident, except for this part:.

The evacuation interrupted a ceremonial session at the Security Council where children from around the world were afforded an opportunity to voice their concerns to the world powers.
:So, who pays for this crap? We do. Is there any organization in the world more useless than the United Nations? I think not, so let’s kick ’em out of New York and the country and stop wasting our money.


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Danger, Will Robinson!


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