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I’m staying home

Reserve your seat!

Thousands flock to French village to await end of the world in 2012. That’s not Ed Krumeich in front of the pilgrims -he’s reserved a flight for January 2012, but has wisely reserved a tent site.

UPDATE: Ed emails: ” This is the nonsense up with which I will not put! I have not made any reservations for a French vacation next year – in fact, I am leaving with my family next week, and the rest of you can rot in Hell!”

(Okay, he didn’t really say that, but he should have)

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Horrors! Competition!

Doctors want to work in US, U.S. medical schools don’t want them. With Medicare slated to cut doctors’ fees to the bone, so to speak, don’t we need these people?

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True Grit – I really want to see this movie

 One of my favorite writers, Stephen Hunter, reviews my favorite movie makers, the Cohen Coen brothers. It’s a love fest, and why not, with Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon starring? Nothing like Fargo, alas, but then, what could be?


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Maybe this is what it takes

Montana jury pool revolts, refuses to consider marijuana indictment. “I’ve never seen anything like it”, says prosecutor. May it happen again, and often.

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Where are we going with this?

Pilot criticizes TSA and has his house raided by six agents, weapon confiscated, home searched. This is an agency seriously out of control. Abolish it now, and let’s take our chances.


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Blue crabs are back

I used to catch these as kid, and now they’re back, expecially by the Bush Holly House. Bring a net – so far as I know, there’s no restriction on catching them. They came to mind today because I bought some Alaskan King  Crab legs and started wondering at all the spider crabs we used to discard when lobstering. Those are big suckers, with huge legs, and probably perfectly tasty. I never tried them, but I regret that now. Especially given the price of Alaskan Crab.

UPDATE: by the way, if you haven’t read Beautiful Swimmers, the story of blue crabs and the Chesapeake fisherman who go after them, you’ve denied yourself a real treat. A wonderful book. Won the Pulitzer Prize, if that matters to you.


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Newark fires cops after senior members reject wage cut

You might think that unions protect all members. You’d be wrong.


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