Blue crabs are back

I used to catch these as kid, and now they’re back, expecially by the Bush Holly House. Bring a net – so far as I know, there’s no restriction on catching them. They came to mind today because I bought some Alaskan King  Crab legs and started wondering at all the spider crabs we used to discard when lobstering. Those are big suckers, with huge legs, and probably perfectly tasty. I never tried them, but I regret that now. Especially given the price of Alaskan Crab.

UPDATE: by the way, if you haven’t read Beautiful Swimmers, the story of blue crabs and the Chesapeake fisherman who go after them, you’ve denied yourself a real treat. A wonderful book. Won the Pulitzer Prize, if that matters to you.


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5 responses to “Blue crabs are back


    A license is required to take fish or bait species. What are bait species?
    The list of “bait species” includes several fish species found in the marine district: banded killifish, mummichug, striped killifish, tidewater silverside, Atlantic silverside, sand lance or “sand eels”, bay anchovy, sheepshead minnow, and mullet species. Additionally, green crabs, fiddler crabs, hermit crabs, Asian or Japanese shore crab, and several shrimp species are listed as bait species.

    Do I need a license to take blue crabs?
    No. A license is NOT required to take blue crabs in either the marine or inland district.

  2. Liver Cancer

    With the hepatitis and HIV plus E.coli in the Cos Cob hydrocarbon petrol pool, I am sure you are treating your gut to a delicacy.

  3. towny

    blue crabs have ‘been back’ for at least 9 years.

  4. cybercommuter

    Blue crabs taste great! You can steam them with some Old Bay Seasoning. I recommend catching a bushel if you are going to steam them.
    Or they make great crab cakes! I actually had home made eastern shore of Maryland blue crab crab cakes today for lunch. I’m not really sure what the local laws are in your area but we usually catch them with a chicken neck tied to a string and then fish the crabs out with a crab net. I’ve also used crab pots. When can I come for dinner?