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Blizzard bust?

It’s only 9:30, so there’s still time, but so far, I’m not seeing much of a snow storm – maybe 4″? Where are our 50 mph winds? Our 20″ of snow? I want a power failure, damnit! Well, sort of.

UPDATE: nothing but flurries in D.C. Now there’s a place that should be shut down.


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An amazing invention – the telephone!

Listening to the news, it seems that not a single airline is providing phone service for their passengers to check flight status. Are there no poorhouses? No Indian call centers? This just can’t be that complicated.


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The abiding faith of Warm-ongers

Someone else shares my skepticism. Enjoy the snow storm.


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The geese are coming in

As the storm builds, the geese are retreating from LIS and coming into the creek (that’s not my own photo, but that’s what it looks like). Back when I was a wicked man and practiced law in Southport, I’d wait for storms like this and bring my hunting gear and a white bedsheet to work, then leave early and hide on Southport Beach under the sheet. The geese would come in and … bang!

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Stabbing Bambi

Columbia River Knife

Walt accused me of spending this snowy day trying to stab Bambi to death, which is not true. but I did buy this knife as a Christmas present for John. Supposedly it’s $150 but that’s nonsense: Amazon had it a couple of weeks ago for $49 which seemed like a very fair price. Yeah, it’s made in Taiwan, but designed by an American knife maker and made up of high carbon steel. Good deal, I think. Nice quality, and an elegant tool.


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Here’s a goal for the Jet’s punter

Don’t kick it to someone who can return it 50 yards! Idiot. Bears ahead.


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We all need goals

Courtesy of Walt comes this story of a woman determined to be the fattest person in the world. She chowed down 30,000 calories yesterday. Best part of the story? She gave birth to a child a few years ago and it required 30 medical types to attend to her high-risk birth. Yes, of course she’s single, and New Jersey taxpayers paid for all that.


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Ah, because snow isn’t digital?

Blizzard causes cancellation of 1,000 flights passengers furious.

At Washington’s Reagan National Airport, Rob Kotlarz of Surrey, England, was trying to fly his children Sofia and Stefan to Orlando, Fla., to visit Disney World.

“Of all the flights to Orlando today the only one that was cancelled was our 3:10 p.m. … and the US Airways help line was impossible,” he said. “But we were expecting America to show us how to handle weather. We showed up seven hours early so we could be here. In this digital age why can’t an airline handle it better?”

I sympathize with the poor guy and his disappointed children, but no one’s going anywhere in the east today. John called from Portland – he  left early and made it up there an hour ago, ahead of the storm, but otherwise, stay home.


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So I saw true Grit last night

Son John and I headed to Portchester last night to catch the movie (he was leaving early this morning to avoid the blizzard). We both enjoyed it very much – it’s “just” a western, but very funny dialogue, Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon are great and whoever plays that 14-year-old girl is fantastic. It’s a lot of fun, and a movie worth seeing in a theater because the scenery is pretty cool.

BTW, speaking of the blizzard, how are the Giants going to get back from Wisconsin? Back to Kansas City, I suppose.


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