50 Cent’s money pit

$500,000 a year for maintenance,and he’s never there. Can’t sell it, either. The future of our own larger houses here in Greenwich?

UPDATE: bad history here. The 52,000 sq. ft house was built for Benjamin Sisti, of the Colonial Realty fraud, then Mike Tyson, and now this dumb chump. It’s possible Mr. Cents will find another sucker, but I doubt it. He’s cut his price from $18 million to $9, but my guess is he’ll get land value, less the cost of destroying it.


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13 responses to “50 Cent’s money pit

  1. break ins

    a hobby for kids around here after toking on marijuana is to break in his house and then get caught usually when the alarms go off but they are too wasted to run.

  2. No worries Mate

    It’s FITTY. Cracker.

    Btw, dudes a good businessman. Seriously.

  3. dogwalker

    Oh, I don’t see any posts about foreclosures, so I’ll post this here, if you don’t mind:


  4. Al Dente

    I bid fitty cents.

  5. sound beacher

    He’s willing to work for money, maybe he can keep his house.

  6. Anonymous

    Why would either Tyson or Fitty want to live in Farmington CT anyway? So ridiculous.

  7. No worries Mate

    EOSR. Fitty. We on a first name basis. Its Mr. Cent to you, cracker.

  8. peeps

    This would be one hell of a senior center/ childcare center. For 9 million, the town can’t go wrong and could ease the cost by selling off some of the acreage.

    maybe it could even take over some of the YMCA’s programs if it folds.

  9. Mate: I don’t know the man but every time I see articles about him it’s Fiddy: here are but a few examples of the fiddy or so out there:

    1. Fiddy – real name Curtis Jackson –
    2. Rumor has it that Fiddy will put out a more commercial
    3. Fiddy blasts Diddy over Biggie
    4. Rapper Praises Fiddy’s ”F*ck You” Freestyle
    5. A New Label For Fiddy
    6. Fiddy’s House Burglarized!
    7. Chelsea Talks Fiddy

    I’m sensing a theme here Mate. So, show me the money, all Fitty, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll believe you that you are on a first name basis. Until then, I win.

  10. No worries Mate

    EOSR. You win, i was goofing around. I have no idea whats the correct spelling. I just like calling you white devils “cracker”, cracker!