I don’t watch this stuff but apparently there’s a rash of survival shows on TV these days, all showing you how to snare small game, start a fire without matches and all that. That’s all fine and in fact, I actually know how to do all that and more, and have done so, but that was when I was young and stupid and spending a lot of time in the wilderness. Most of us, including me, live in urban territory these days. If I were worried about survival, I’d be taking lessons on how to build a generator and water filter. Of course, knowing how to use a rifle, shotgun and pistol wouldn’t hurt either. Maybe I can trade those skills with an engineer.


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4 responses to “Survivalist?

  1. Anonymous

    I already have a generator, but the rest of the stuff you mentioned really scared me.

    I hate guns, but now that I’ve got Blackwater’s emergency number on my speed-dial I feel much better.

    Thanks for the heads-up and have a nice day!

  2. peeps

    I was super reckless as a kid.
    Little did my parents know that instead of trying to rein me in they should have called a TV station to televise my dangerous hijinks. They were so dumb.

  3. Anonymous

    Some of us keep forgetting what an incredible stud you are…..thank goodness you are always there to remind us. 😉