Greenwich twins don’t know when to quit

Take the money and run, guys

Keep on keeping on. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss settled with Facebook for $65 million, but now they want more. Yeah, you were probably screwed, but how much do you need to move on and get a life?.


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14 responses to “Greenwich twins don’t know when to quit

  1. Last Liberal Standing

    Chris Chris Chris–you’re sounding like Obummer! When you ask, “how much do you need to move on and get a life?” you might as well be writing for our Prez (“At a certain point, you’ve made enough money”).

    Sheesh. Make another slip like that one, and you will be required to hand in your Ayn Rand Ranger Badge. As all right-thinking Americans implicitly understand, it’s our God-given right to make oodles and oodles. And oodles.

  2. dogwalker

    Why don’t they take the money to start a competitor. Facebook is making lots of mistakes – I think a good competitor has a good chance.

  3. So Greenwich

    I like dogwalker’s point. Why don’t they take the money and start a competitor (maybe there is a non-compete in the settlement agreement?) or why don’t they do something else with it. Greed drives too much of our legal system. This is a pretty generous settlement and I am surprised they can discuss all the terms anyway.

  4. Peg

    I’m with Christopher 100%. Could they get more money if they keep on battling? Maybe. They also could end up with much less – or nothing.

    The question in my mind is whether they want their life consumed by a lawsuit – or, whether they want to take the money and run with with new adventures and their lives.

    Since I did the latter in my own life (unfortunately, I did not get millions but a few pennies) – I am speaking from experience.

  5. Eh, LLS, I’m not going soft here, just trying to apply what little legal experience I have. The twins extracted a decent settlement on a fairly dubious legal claim, and now they want to reopen it? I think that’s crazy, but I may be prejudiced – they’ve refused to pay their lawyers.

  6. Bookem Dano

    Take – The – Money – And – STFU.

    Their stock portion of the settlement has doubled since they received it, but apparently they feel they deserve more. Whatever. If they lose, good luck securing those rowing endorsements. Everything to lose but only more cherries on their cheese cake to gain. Just eat the damned cheese cake guys and move on.

  7. Red

    Having an idea for an Ivy League hookup site supported by ads for J. Crew, BMW and Grey Goose vodka is not the same as building the current Facebook business. Zuckerberg is a visionary. I am stunned that the twins believe they could have led Facebook to the same outcome, while they were training for the Olympics and attending prepster parties. Why do they want to take credit for something they didn’t build?


    If the Twins aren’t after money and are doing this because of principal then please explain to me why they both have Facebook accounts…..

    Where’s the principal there?!

  9. pulled up in OG

    “We are moving forward and trying to be productive individuals,” Cameron said. Cameron helped to start, a Web site that offers information about “people, places and parties” in New York, Los Angeles and the Hamptons.

    Awesome, dudes.

  10. Usually use another name

    What I wonder about is whether this is about HOW MUCH money they got in a relative sense. I mean, if the boys were from Cleveland, would $62mm be “enough”? I would argue that they could live like kings in flyover country.

    However, could it be that these sons of Greenwich (and boys of Brunswick) see $62mm as not much better than a good year for one of their contemporaries’ hedge fund dads? Is this a matter of an over-inflated sense of their own net worths? My kids rows for Wick and scuttlebutt is that over-inflated egos are standard for these two.

    As for creating a competitor to Facebook, consider a slant on the old saying, those who can do, those can’t sue for more….

  11. Last Liberal Standing

    Chris, as you’ve said many times before, this country’s greatness is predicated on hearty souls’ willingness to put it all on the Pass line. Ty and Cam received a mere 65 mil–for TWO people, mind you, so that’s only 32.5 each, and after lawyers and Uncle S. do their dirty work, they’re virtually destitute! Key-RICED, there’s no way for petty millionaires to make ends meet in a world like this, unless they go for the gusto. Just do it, twinsie-poohs.

  12. No worries Mate

    Pulled up is dead on. The twins, while probaby shagged by the non disclosure of the msft valuation, have demonstrated zero vision. A global phenomenon trumps a site to get laid in 3US cities every time. Row on dudes. Trust me on this, if you lose the dough, you will forever hate the Vanity Fair article titled, “born on third base and still stuck out”.

  13. Red

    I also think it would be hilarious if Zuckerberg donated $20 million bucks to Harvard, to endow a state-of-the-art “Mark Zuckerberg Harvard Rowing Center” with a “Zuckerberg Trophy” given yearly to the MVP of the men’s crew team…..