Nice job, John Robben

John’s a great photographer, but he tossed his camera aside to pluck a kid out of a creek at Innis Arden.

UPDATE: I really like this quote from the GPD, because Lt. Gray (by the way, what happened to my old classmate, GHS ’71, Lt. Daniel Allen?) gets what’s fun about sledding and other risky activities:

Lt. Kraig Gray, spokesman for the police department, said police were not aware of the incident, but urged residents to use caution when sledding.

“Part of what makes sledding fun is the element of danger,” Gray said “But it can be a hazardous activity, especially for young ones when they are not monitored closely.”


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4 responses to “Nice job, John Robben

  1. So Greenwich

    Can I just ask, when this lovely lady is trying to rescue kid and the photographer is trying to rescue the kid, where is the kid’s dad?

  2. sound beacher

    There are still sledders over at Innis this morning, not as big a crowd tho.

  3. pulled up in OG

    Curious – did the father of the year even thank the older woman or Robben?